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What Being on a Parking Waitlist Actually Means

Coogs who want a zone parking permit but are just now logging in to get one are going to be disappointed. All zone permits are sold out, and have been for several weeks.

But that does not necessarily mean all hope is lost. Parking and Transportation Services has waitlists for the different parking permits that have no more left to give out.

How to Join a Waitlist

  1. Log in to AccessUH.
  2. Go into your myParking Account.
  3. Scroll to bottom of page and click "Sign-up for Student Waitlist"
  4. Click through the Welcome to Waitlist page and the Update Vehicles page.
  5. Select the waitlist you wish to join.
  6. Please note: There is NO GUARANTEE that you will be offered a permit after joining a waitlist.

What to do After Joining a Waitlist

If you need to park on campus this fall, you will still need a permit. So even if you joined a waiting list, it is highly recommended you go ahead and get a different permit so that you have somewhere to park.

If you do get offered a permit off the waitlist, you will be able to exchange it for your existing permit as long as you get one of the permits that are exchangeable.

Please note that the following permits are non-refundable/non-exchangeable after the 12th class day of the semester:

  • All semester permits
  • Tuesday-Thursday and Monday-Wednesday-Friday permits
  • Evening-Weekend
  • Motorcycle

When Will Permits be Available

Although zone permits are sold out, a number of them will eventually be returned. Some people will decide they do not need or want the permit, so they will cancel it. Others will end up leaving the University for one reason or another.

How many permits will be returned is anybody's guess. But around the middle of September, Parking and Transportation should have a good idea and will begin contacting people on the lists to offer them a permit.

Offers are made via email, so make sure to check your in-box regularly as we get closer to mid-September. The offers are made on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning that we will go down the list in chronological order, based on when someone joined the list. 


posted: Monday, Aug. 14, 2023