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Student Teaching

The purpose of student teaching is to provide the teachHOUSTON student with a culminating experience that is sufficiently rich and deep in the expectations, processes, and rewards of teaching. Our hope is that the complementary strengths of the teachHOUSTON Student Teacher and Cooperating Mentor Teacher will generate a synergism that benefits both people professionally.

Because teachHOUSTON students engage in numerous field experiences prior to the student teaching, teachHOUSTON Student Teachers are able to assume a teaching role very quickly.

Student Teaching is a full-time 14-week, all-day immersion experience into public school settings. Student teachers are urged to consider it as full-time employment in order to give this semester the appropriate time allocation. Student teachers are strongly encouraged to avoid taking classes or working at another job during this challenging and rewarding semester, and no other obligations can be undertaken during daytime hours. For a complete description of Student Teaching, please refer to the Student Teaching Handbook and the Student Teaching Syllabus.

To enroll in this course contact the teachHOUSTON Academic Program Manager, Dr. Leah McAlister-Shields at