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Professional Programs & Certifications

The Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences offers several programs designed to enhance the skills of professionals working in industry.

Professional Master’s Program with Specializations in Petroleum Geosciences
This program provides working professionals the opportunity to earn their M.S. in Geology or Geophysics without interrupting their careers. Courses are held on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. The degree curricula are designed respectively with specializations in Petroleum Geology or Geophysics.

Petroleum Short Courses
These professional development courses are week-long courses taught in the summer and cover topics in Petroleum Geophysics or Petroleum Geology.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Certification
This graduate certificate in Geographical Information Systems provides students with knowledge and experience to compete and work in the field of GIS both in public and private sector.

Hydrogeology Certification
The Hydrogeology Certificate of Completion is available to both graduate students and non-degree seeking professionals. This certificate is designed for professionals who wish to be recognized as having a broad background in the area of hydrogeology without completion of an advanced degree