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Seminar Schedule Fall 2021

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston offers its seminars on most Friday mornings during the fall and spring semesters. For more information regarding seminars please visit the seminars resource page.

Time: Seminars are held on most Fridays 11-12 PM.

Registration is required to participate in the meeting.

Fall 2021 Seminar Schedule

In Fall 2021 we support both virtual and in-person seminars. Check the format of individual seminars.

To participate virtual seminars, use Zoom Meeting ID: 952 8595 4122 and Passcode 660044, same for all virtual seminars in the semester. In-person seminars are limited to 10 onsite participants and will be livestreamed via Zoom with the same meeting info.

Date Speaker Affiliation Presentation
3-Sep Erik Velasco Molina Center for Energy and the Environment

Carbon sequestration potential of our urban landscape

Seminar Video

Zoom Bernhard Rappenglueck
10-Sep Gretchen Gillis Saudi Aramco & President of AAPG

Volunteering: A Key to Networking and Building Skills

Seminar Video

In person  Julia Wellner
17-Sep Lei Sun UH EAS

Active tectonics of the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti) based on integration of gravity modeling, tectonic geomorphology, and mapping of active fault traces

Seminar Video

Zoom Paul Mann
24-Sep Courtney Sprain University of Florida

Understanding the causes and consequences of Mass Extinction Events

Seminar Video

Zoom Andrew Flynn
1-Oct Lydian Boschman ETH Zürich

Reconstructing plate motions of subducted Panthalassa plates using paleomagnetic data from subduction complexes - with examples from Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and Costa Rica

Seminar Video

Zoom Jeremy Wu
8-Oct Pietro Milillo UH Civil Engineering

Ice melt near grounding zones of Antarctic glaciers

In person Julia Wellner
15-Oct Arya Udry University of Nevada Las Vegas

What can we learn from martian samples?

Seminar Video

In person Ruby Patterson
22-Oct Michael Retelle  Bates College

Lake sediments reveal a recent shift in hydroclimate in the rapidly warming Norwegian high Arctic

Seminar Video

Zoom Ozzy Tirmizi
29-Oct Babatunde Rabiu Centre for Atmospheric Research, National Space Research and Development Agency, Nigeria

Advances in Atmospheric Research in Nigeria

Seminar Video

Zoom Bernhard Rappenglueck
5-Nov Jaime González Houston Healthy Cities Director - The Nature Conservancy in Texas

Stories to Save the World: Communications, Storytelling, and Teaching to Fight Climate Change and the Sixth Extinction

Seminar Video

Zoom Julia Wellner
12-Nov Marjorie Chan University of Utah

Red Rocks from Earth to Mars

Seminar Video

Zoom  Emily Beverly
19-Nov Jonathan Ajo-Franklin Rice University

Exploring the Subsurface with Regional DAS Networks: Results from the Imperial Valley Dark Fiber Project

Seminar Video

In person Yingcai Zheng