Technical Reports - 2004 - University of Houston
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Technical Reports - 2004


Contact-Free Measurement of Cardiac Pulse Based on the Analysis of Thermal Imagery
M. Garbey, N. Sun, A. Merla, and I. Pavlidis
December 14, 2004


Self-Stabilizing Real-Time OPS5 Production Systems
Albert M. K. Cheng and Seiya Fujii
November 15, 2004


Design Framework for Self-Stabilizing Real-Time Systems Based on Real-Time Objects and Prototype Implementation with Analysis
Sushil S. Digewade and Albert M. K. Cheng
November 15, 2004


Towards a More Efficient Implementation of OpenMP for Clusters via Translation to Global Arrays
Lei Huang, Barbara Chapman, Zhenying Liu
November 15, 2004


Using Modeling to Understand Plasticity in Freshwater Macrophytes. Implication for Validation Process
Garbey, C., Garbey, & Muller S.
November 4, 2004


A Least Square Extrapolation Method for the A Posteriori Error Estimate of the Incompressible Navier Stokes Problem
M. Garbey and W. Shyy
November 3, 2004


Filtering Technique for System of Reaction Diffusion Equations
F.Dupros, W.E. Fitzgibbon and M. Garbey
November 3, 2004


Short Subsequences in Genomes: How Random Are They?
Yuri Fofanov et al.
April 23, 2004