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Computer Science in Practice

IoT - Beyond the Consumer World

When: Monday, November 11, 2019
Where: PGH 563
Time: 11:00 AM


Speaker: Ron Neyland, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Host: Dr. Aron Laszka

IDC found that there will be 80 billion connected devices in 2025, helping generate 180 trillion gigabytes of new data that year. The amount of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) that is analyzed and used to change business processes will be as big in 2025 as the amount of all the data created in 2020. The process of collecting and analyzing this data will depend on the application of modern software analytics in new and innovative ways. This session will discuss how computer scientist and other engineering fields have a leading role to play as the transformation to a data driven world accelerates.


Mr. Neyland is an engineering executive with extensive experience in IOT, industrial control and automation, and IT systems software and management. He currently is the Sr. Director of IoT & E2C Advanced Solutions and Technologies IoT and Edge CoE & Labs. He is responsible for delivering customer-focused IOT technologies and solutions for the HPE’s IOT and Edge-to-Cloud efforts. He joined HPE (HP) in 2005 as part of the acquisition of RLX Technologies. He has also held management and engineering positions at Hewlett Packard, RLX Technologies, Compaq Computers and Johnson Controls. Throughout his career, Mr. Neyland has excelled in leading engineering teams to create and deliver innovative products and solutions that solve real customer problems. Mr. Neyland holds seven patents for his work on management products at Compaq and RLX.

Mr. Neyland holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University. He currently resides in Houston, Texas with his wife and two children.