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Global Guides

Join the Global Guides Virtual Global Café Thursday, Nov 19th 11am-1pm as part of International Education Week

What are Global Guides?

Global Guides serve as ambassadors for Learning Abroad at on-campus events, mentor fellow students on learning abroad program opportunities, and assist with office events and initiatives. The Global Guides have either lived abroad or have participated in a learning abroad program in the past. They are an excellent resource for students who aren’t sure how to decide on a program or who want first-hand information about a particular program or geographical location.

Global Guides are required to hold office hours every other week and attend monthly meetings, help at the Fall and Spring fairs and pre-fair tabling, do two classroom presentations per semester, and help at one additional Learning Abroad or Global Guide event per month. These positions are on a volunteer basis, and students seeking benefits such as personal and professional development and office experience are encouraged to apply. 

Global Guides Availability:

Global Guides hold office hours Monday to Thursday 11am-1pm virtually on Microsoft Teams during the fall 2020 semester. Join the Global Guides Virtual Office Hours HERE

See the calendar below for office hours details. 

You can also email the Global Guides directly, to a specific member or to the entire group, with questions about a program or a request to meet one on one about a specific program outside of office hours. Their email is


Global Guides Biographies


Megan L., Co-Lead Global Guide

Major:  Biology 
Minor: Medicine and Society & Kinesiology
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program:  Semester classes in San Jose,Costa Rica with CEA; Affiliated Program
International Experience:  Canada, Mexico, UK, Greece, Spain, Italy, Panama, Costa Rica

Learning abroad has absolutely been my favorite experience in college. It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and explore an entirely new and amazing culture with my newfound independence. I was able to discover so much about myself and the world during my time abroad. My favorite part about my time in Costa Rica was getting to enjoy the simpler way of life (la Pura Vida!) while traveling around the country. Learning abroad has left me with the most incredible experiences and memories that will last a lifetime!


Tayma M., Co-Lead Global Guide

Major:  Dual Degree in Health & Anthropology 
Minor: Medicine and Society 
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program:  Semester classes in Geneva, Switzerland with SIT; Affiliated Program
International Experience:  Ireland, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Morocco, Lebanon, and Spain

Learning abroad has changed many areas of my life. Academically, it guided my decision to pursue a degree in Anthropology by highlighting my passion for cultural competence in a public health setting. Personally, it helped me grow, become more independent, and more importantly, open minded. By throwing myself into an unknown situation, I realized that I was more resilient than I thought and that home can be in multiple places at once. Overall, my time abroad was the best five months of my life. I came back with unforgettable memories, new life lessons, friends for life, a love for traveling, and knowledge on the countries that were so welcoming. 


Karim M.

Major:  Finance & Economics
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program:  Semester classes in Geneva, Switzerland with SIT; Affiliated Program
International Experience: Lebanon, France, Italy, Netherlands

Learning Abroad changed me both personally and professionally. Learning Abroad was very helpful in getting me used to doing things that are out of my comfort zone. It also helped me adapt to new environments and cultures leading me meeting awesome people I would have never met had I not done a semester abroad. Learning Abroad also geared my career path through the classes I took there. After learning about renewable finance abroad, I have decided to pursue the Global Energy Management Finance track. I would not trade the time I spent abroad for anything.


Hamad K.

Major: Double Degree: S trategic Communications; Management and Leadership
Minor: Arab Studies
Class Year: 
Learning Abroad Program:  Summer internship in Amman, Jordan with SIT, Affiliated Program; Winter UH Faculty-led program with Dr. Rainbow to Tunisa 
International Experience: Canada, Pakistan, Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey 

The experience that enhanced my university education and assisted me in further understanding my professional and future goals, is learning abroad. I gained guidance by being able to focus on myself and testing my ability to handle the adjustment of living in a country different than the U.S. The adventure of building language skills, exploring beautiful landmarks, meeting new people, and adapting to a new environment, sparked immense personal growth which I hope you can experience too. Learning abroad in Jordan and Tunisia were outstanding experiences and as these incredible experiences have now become just a memory, I'm excited to see where life will globally take me next. I hope to encourage you to pursue the opportunity of learning abroad and diving into an experience that will truly enhance your university experience!  


Samueal W.

Major:  Management Information Systems
Minor: Finance 
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program:  Semester classes and internship in Beijing, China with KEI; Affiliated Program
International Experience:  Mexico, El Salvador

Learning Abroad was a one of a kind experience. While in Beijing, I was able to see and soak in a culture that I otherwise had no idea about. I was able to explore all over Eastern China, immersed myself in a new language and made lasting friendships while I was there. It was challenging being in a new environment but it helped me grow as a person and I would do it again in a heartbeat. My favorite part was the all the different foods and dumplings I got to try from different provinces in local restaurants.


Tunde S.

Major:  Mechanical Engineering 
Class Year: Junior 
Learning Abroad Program: Summer Faculty led program to Rio, Brazil; Summer internship in San Jose, Costa Rica with Global Experiences - Affiliated program
International Experience: Brazil, Costa Rica, UK, and Nigeria

Through the Learning Abroad office, I was able to immerse myself in cultures outside of my own and challenge myself as an engineer. Being able to represent UH in Brazil and Costa Rica was an honor. Not only was I able to tackle global engineering challenges, I was able to connect with different people and establish lasting friendships during my faculty led engineering program in Brazil. My internship in Costa Rica, was an indescribable experience as I became more confident in myself and my skills every single day. I was fortunate enough to learn Spanish at an expedited rate, and now I am working on becoming fluent in the language! I had the chance to explore Costa Rica, from hiking through the Bajos del Toro Waterfall in Alajuela to doing missionary work in Limon. I learned more about myself in those 3 months than the previous years. Growing as an engineer and With these opportunities, I was able to ascertain my purpose; to be a global leader.


Hainhu H.

Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Asian American Studies
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Year-long study in Tokyo, Japan with ISA; Affiliated Program 
International Experience: Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, South Korea

Studying abroad offered more opportunities for me than I could have ever anticipated. My time learning, living, and working in Japan provided me with amazing professional and educational advancements. However, the immense amount of personal growth I received was the most life-changing aspect of my time abroad. I came back with a determination, self-confidence, and motivation that was fostered during my time in Japan which has only since enhanced my life going forward. It is a truly memorable experience worth taking, as it gave me life-long friends from all over the world, notable connections, and amazing stories that I will cherish forever. Learning abroad is an experience both challenging and transformative in the best way possible. I am eager to find out how much more my experience abroad will change me and am excited about future adventures to be made from myself and everyone else looking to go abroad soon.


Ana G.

Major:  Math
Minors: Spanish, teachHouston
Class Year: Junior 
Learning Abroad Program: UH  Faculty-Led summer program to Peru; Semester study program "Comparative Education and Social Change" in Chile and Argentina with SIT Abroad, Affiliated Program
International Experience: Peru, Chile, Argentina

I think learning abroad should be a part of everyone's college experience because it's so easy to forget that there is more to this world than the country in which you live, especially here in the US. We get so comfortable with the food/culture/experiences that we personally encounter that anything outside of that is neglected. There is so much value in going abroad and learning about the local culture and history. Once you go and meet those who have completely different experiences and worldviews from you, you begin to realize what the common threads of the human experience are. Personally, studying abroad has helped me shape my global perspective of the things I'm passionate about, especially education and social issues.


Stephanie H.

Major: Biology
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Summer UH Faculty led program to Cadiz, Spain
International Experience: Honduras, Spain, Morocco, Mexico

During my month-long stay in Spain, I embraced the differences between my host family and myself which helped me to quickly become acclimated to the culture. I enjoyed the change of pace but struggled with communication barriers. This taught me it is okay to make mistakes. Immersion in a new language can be overwhelming but the gratification involved with overcoming is well worth it.


Victor G.

Major: Finance & Management
Class Year: Junior 
Learning Abroad Program:  Semester classes in Italy, Spain, and Germany with CIEE, Winter course in Shanghai, China with CIEE - Affiliated Programs
International Experience: China, Bahamas, Italy, Spain, Germany 

Studying abroad is important to me because if broadened my horizons and changed my perspective.


Paulina C.

Major: Hotel & Restaurant Management
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Reciprocal Exchange program to Spain
International Experience: Mexico, Spain, France

Learning abroad is important to me because it provided me with the necessary discomfort that gave me a great amount of knowledge and transformed me into the person I am today. It brought me a hand full of unexpected and challenging obstacles that allowed me to discover more about myself in ways I would have never imagined. Although my experience was different than expected I will always highly suggest to others to go out of their comfort zone and try new things. There is a whole world out there that you have yet to discover. It’s all about taking that leap towards the unknown even if you don’t know what the outcome will be.


Winter G.

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Business Administration
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Winter multi-country study program to France, Italy, and Greece with CEA Study Abroad; Affiliated Program
International Experience:  Greece, Italy, France, Panama

Learning abroad has taught me many valuable lessons about cultural/self-awareness, problem solving, and adaptation to different environments. I was amazed at how powerful the impact of spending three weeks abroad was on my personal and intellectual growth. In those three weeks, I gained multiple skills and a sense of awareness that would have taken months or a couple of years for me to gain at home, in my comfort zone. I’m honored to have experiences ranging from exploring the roots of Western civilization in Greece and Italy to mission work in Panama. I came home with a newfound confidence, open mind, and solidified passion for my career path. If anyone has uncertainties about program structures, how a program will fit in with your major, or anything travel related, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I was in your shoes, too. I look forward to guiding you towards the experience of a lifetime in the future!


Rachel A.

Major: Communications
Major: English
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program: Semester study and internship program to Rome, Italy with AIFS; Affiliated Program
International Experience: Poland, Israel, France, Italy 

Learning abroad is important to me because it allowed me to fully immerse myself in another culture completely and independently. By going on this program knowing absolutely no one, I was ultimately forced to navigate a city and meet people on my own. While I was afraid at first, this experience was truly a blessing. I had the opportunity to make friends that I still keep in touch with today, participate in an internship that I was passionate about, take classes that interested me and explore a city that I hope to visit again one day. Studying abroad for the five weeks I was able to allowed me to blossom; it was an extremely eye-opening experience that I encourage others to take advantage of.

Hana M.

Major: Psychology
Major: Medicine & Society, Biology
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program: CIEE Frederick Douglass Fellowship to South Africa, Affiliated Fellowship Program; her program abroad was cancelled due to COVID-19, heading back abroad in summer 2021    
International Experience: None

I believe that the study abroad experience is crucial to understanding the dynamics of different societies and cultures. In order to offer optimal aid in any field of study, one should be able to take into account the people and identities that will be affected. I decided to dedicate my career to fighting against underrepresentation and the low quality of care reserved for minority populations by engaging a field that I am already passionate about; healthcare. I learned about the health deficits that factor in and I now understand that as an insider to the healthcare system, the minority lifestyle, and the large middle-class population, I have a steady hand in my ability to make a difference. By studying abroad, I aim to bring back teachings that will challenge my perspective on the issue, as well as the perspective of those interacting with it and provide a new frame of reference. I hope to confront any underlying personal biases that I may have been carrying along as a first-generation minority student living in the US. With all the diversity present in the US, we are still unable to replicate or even represent the lifestyles outside our country. The extent of our diversity does not enable us to see the values of other cultures being put into action, meaning it is not the existence of diversity that allows us to grow, but the degree of our engagement with it. It's with this realization that I committed to pursuing study abroad opportunities. 

Joanna E.

Class Year: 
Learning Abroad Program: 
International Experience: 

Joanna's paragraph here.