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Global Guides

Join the Global Guides Office Hours either in-person or virtually to hear more about Learning Abroad! 
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What are Global Guides?

Global Guides serve as ambassadors for Learning Abroad at on-campus events, mentor fellow students on learning abroad program opportunities, and assist with office events and initiatives. The Global Guides have either lived abroad or have participated in a learning abroad program in the past. They are an excellent resource for students who aren’t sure how to decide on a program or who want first-hand information about a particular program or geographical location.

Global Guides are required to hold office hours every other week and attend monthly meetings, help at the Fall and Spring fairs and pre-fair tabling, do two classroom presentations per semester, and help at one additional Learning Abroad or Global Guide event per month. These positions are on a volunteer basis, and students seeking benefits such as personal and professional development and office experience are encouraged to apply.

Global Guides Biographies


Tayma M., Co-Lead Global Guide

Major:  Dual Degree in Health & Anthropology 
Minor: Medicine and Society 
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program:  Semester classes in Geneva, Switzerland with SIT; Affiliated Program
International Experience:  Ireland, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Morocco, Lebanon, and Spain

Learning abroad has changed many areas of my life. Academically, it guided my decision to pursue a degree in Anthropology by highlighting my passion for cultural competence in a public health setting. Personally, it helped me grow, become more independent, and more importantly, open-minded. By throwing myself into an unknown situation, I realized that I was more resilient than I thought and that home can be in multiple places at once. Overall, my time abroad was the best five months of my life. I came back with unforgettable memories, new life lessons, friends for life, a love for traveling, and knowledge on the countries that were so welcoming. 


Hana M., Co-Lead Global Guide

Major: Psychology
Major: Medicine & Society, Biology
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program: CIEE Frederick Douglass Fellowship to South Africa, Affiliated Fellowship Program; her program abroad was cancelled due to COVID-19, heading back abroad in summer 2021    
International Experience: None

I believe that the study abroad experience is crucial to understanding the dynamics of different societies and cultures. In order to offer optimal aid in any field of study, one should be able to take into account the people and identities that will be affected. I decided to dedicate my career to fighting against underrepresentation and the low quality of care reserved for minority populations by engaging in a field that I am already passionate about: healthcare. I learned about the health deficits that factor in and I now understand that as an insider to the healthcare system, the minority lifestyle, and the large middle-class population, I have a steady hand in my ability to make a difference. That being said, the learning never stops. The new frame of reference I am able to reflect on from studying abroad is one of the most valuable takeaways. There is a world outside of my own that exposes us to values, cultures, and ideas different from our own. For one, we can confront our personal biases and challenge ourselves-- especially as first-generation minority students living in the US like me. 


Karim M.

Major:  Finance & Economics
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program:  Semester classes in Geneva, Switzerland with SIT; Affiliated Program
International Experience: Lebanon, France, Italy, Netherlands

Learning Abroad changed me both personally and professionally. Learning Abroad was very helpful in getting me used to doing things that are out of my comfort zone. It also helped me adapt to new environments and cultures leading me meeting awesome people I would have never met had I not done a semester abroad. Learning Abroad also geared my career path through the classes I took there. After learning about renewable finance abroad, I have decided to pursue the Global Energy Management Finance track. I would not trade the time I spent abroad for anything.


Joanna E.

Major:  B.S. Human Nutrition and Foods
Minors: Spanish, Biology
Class Year:  Junior
Learning Abroad Program: I visited Tripoli, Lebanon for nine weeks in the summer of 2018 and strengthened my Arabic language.
International Experience: 

I learned the different Arabic accents and was exposed to the Arabian history by visiting ancient artifacts and museums. I embraced the city as I was awoken daily by the sound of people selling their fruits and other goods and living their lives in the city.  I visited the beaches and mountains that connected together so beautifully. I visited a Palestinian refugee camp and lived with Palestinian refugees for three weeks. It was amazing to learn about the different obstacles these people have faced and the struggles that remained . The trip was life-changing as I was able to meet new people, meet refugees, learn more about the country and its past, and strengthen my communication in the Arabic language.


Melissa Q.

Major:  Management Information Systems
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program:  in the works
International Experience:  Mexico

Learning abroad provides so many opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally. Experiencing a foreign environment would improve my problem-solving skills to learn and adapt to different situations. Traveling increases my confidence in communicating with others and across language barriers. Being able to interact with a different culture enables a further understanding in the uniqueness of our identities. I would be able to encounter the diverse processes in the way education is taught, how businesses operate, and local interactions among people. We all have distinct cultural values and it is important to learn to be respectful to one another. Learning abroad would allow me to be more open-minded on various perspectives, thought processes, and ideas. 


Ngoc N.

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Chemistry 
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Semester in Swansea, Wales; Reciprocal Educational Exchange Program (REEP).   
International Experience: Vietnam, Australia, Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore

Studying abroad has enhanced many aspects of my life. I was allowed the opportunity to academically explore different approaches to the subjects of my chosen major, from hands-on techniques in laboratory, to in-person exchange among study groups with peers and professors. It was fascinating to see other countries’ educational landscapes. Learning abroad also encouraged me to become more independent and responsible, but to never forget about having fun and enjoying the distinctive cultures and ways of life along the journey. I made many beautiful memories and new friends during my trip, and I will always keep the experience close to my heart. 


Natalie S.

Major:  Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics 
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program:  None yet.
International Experience:  Dominican Republic, Panama, and Mexico.

Studying abroad will broaden my perspective on the world we live in and allow me to grow intellectually. It will expand my view because each country has its philosophies that contribute to its unique customs and traditions. Experiencing the dynamic interaction of another country and partaking in their principles is reforming. Considering that America is highly diverse, attaining international awareness may provide a better understanding of Americans. Moreover, studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to obtain global and social skills. 


Xavier Z. V.

Major: History
Class Year: 2023
Learning Abroad Program: None yet, but I aspire to go to Seville, Spain with ISA during the Spring 2022 Semester.   
International Experience: Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Turks and Caicos Islands

How do I know that I’m ready for this? That’s the thing; I don’t. It’s a leap of faith. By taking this leap of faith I will grow and change as a person for the better. Learning Abroad will be a life-changing experience. I have no doubt in my mind that I will face challenges but that is one of the biggest reasons as to why I want to go abroad. I believe that this experience will help me grow and teach me how to become independent. It will teach me to fend for myself and to depend on my own judgement. I would love to help you – the undecided, risk taking student – take that leap of faith into wanting to go abroad. 


Tristan T.

Major:  Economics & Political Science
Minor: National Security Studies 
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program:  Year Abroad in Swansea, Wales - REEP Program
International Experience:  France, Greece, The Grenadines, United Kingdom, Trinidad & Tobago

Learning abroad was such a great experience; I learned a lot about the aspects of travel and the healthcare climate in another country! The year I spent abroad in Wales furthered my skills in patience, problem solving, and resilience. 


Isidora (Izzy) Pena Nakouzi

Major:  Kinesiology and Psychology 
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program:  None yet, hoping for Greece in January 2022.
International Experience:  Originally from Chile, traveled to Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

I think studying abroad will have a great impact on my life because it will give me the chance to get to know other cultures and people from other places with different life experiences and views than mine. I am big on cultural immersion experiences, so that is what I am looking forward to the most! 


Chiemela Amaefule

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Marketing
International Experience: United Kingdom

Learning abroad is a unique opportunity that I would recommend to any student who presents an interest. I joined the global guides learning abroad team in fall 2021 and I have heard so many stories of the different experiences my fellow global guides have had. This makes me aspire to that. I would like to study abroad to experience different cultures, people, food, and lifestyle. I want to appreciate various cultures and broaden my scope of the world. I know that learning abroad has a variation of programs that will allow me to achieve this and a wonderful team that will inspire me and supports my journey. 


Austin Flores

Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: National Security Studies
Class Year: Sophomore
Learning Abroad Program: Galapago!   
International Experience: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Mexico

Like many students, I wasn't sure I was ever going to be able to navigate the process or even afford to go study in a different country. The learning abroad office guided me through everything I needed, and were even able to help me again a Gilman scholarship in order to research abroad. Making new connections, whether professional or social, was incredibly valuable. It inspired me to try to really excel in my studies and dramatically increased my confidence and ability to speak to professors, recruiters/interviewers, and even other students. I plan to pay it forward and help students reach new goals the same way the learning abroad office helped me achieve things I didn't even know were possible. 


Sam S.

Major: Finance
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Accelerated semester in Bilbao, Spain Spring 2022 with USAC; Affiliated Program   
International Experience: England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belize

Traveling abroad is an awesome experience that can enhance your personal, professional, and academic growth. I was fortunate enough to be a part of a music abroad program in high school, traveling to 7 different countries across Europe in a 2 week span. I am looking forward to studying in Spain next semester where I will be able to broaden my global business understanding, by seeing firsthand how business fundamentals and strategies are taught in another country. I would encourage anyone who has thought about studying abroad to start looking for a program that best suits their interests, because there's an awesome opportunity out there for everyone.