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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led Programs are learning abroad programs led by a University of Houston faculty member. These programs are developed at the college or departmental level and have a direct correlation to students' majors, minors, or specific areas of interest or study. Learning Abroad encourages Faculty-Led Programs as the first option to students.

To apply for a Faculty-Led Program, please contact the faculty leader for that particular program. Students must be accepted by the faculty leader before applying with Learning Abroad on ViaTRM and completing required paperwork. Visit the Forms Tab of the Student Resources page for a list of required documents.

The University of Houston has restricted  international travel restrictions for all faculty-led programs through December 1, 2021. Read the University of Houston COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions update here.

UH Faculty-Led Programs

Additions to this list are made as programs are approved.
Faculty leaders must submit program proposals to Learning Abroad.

Program Faculty Country College Course(s) Term
The Arts in Rome Prof. Melissa Noble Italy COTA IART 1300 (fall course) Winter 2021/22
International Social Work: A Comparative Approach between India & the US Dr. Robin Gearing India GCSW SOCW 7360 Spring Break 2022
Graduate Business in Germany Dr. Werner, Dr. Abbott Germany Bauer MANA 7346, MANA 7343 Summer 2022
A Greek Odyssey Dr. Barnes, Dr. Bland Greece Honors CLAS 3307/HON 4390 Summer 2022
Medical Ethics and Humanitarian Aid: Service Learning in Jordan Dr. Myrick, Dr. Valier Jordan Honors HON 3306H Summer 2022
NAE Grand Challenges: University of Houston – Global STEM Exchange (Ghana) Dr. Jerrod Henderson, Rick Greer Ghana Engineering CHEE 4198 Summer 2022
Cadiz, Spain as a Classroom (program flyer) Dr. Goodin-Mayeda Spain CLASS Intermediate and Advanced-Level Spanish Courses Summer 2022
Spanish for the Health Profession in Oaxaca, Mexico Professor Zubiate Mexico CLASS SPAN 3339, SPAN 3343, SPAN 4343 Summer 2022
COMD Coogs in Belize Dr. Andrews Belize CLASS NA Summer 2022
Global Human Resource Development Professor Waight Czech Republic TECH HRD 6358 Summer 2022
International Business in the Current Global Environment Dr. Miljanic Panama BAUER EMBA International Business Residency – IBR Summer 2022
Summer Workshop in Paris: Study of French Opera Dr. McCormick, Professor Suits France COTA N/A Summer 2022