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Secure Communication to the Central Web Server

To provide an optimum level of security, UH's central web server only accepts secure connections from web server accounts. Secure connections include SFTP (instead of FTP) and SSH2 (instead of telnet).

* To access the SFTP service from an off-campus network, VPN login is required.

Setting up a secure connection only takes a few clicks in your communication software and it must be done on all computers that you use to upload files to the UH central web server. Options for communication software may vary depending on the user's operating system.  Software to consider: PuTTY and Cyberduck.

For those that are familiar with SFTP, simply connect to and place your files in your home directory and they will appear at your requested URL.  If you have requested a home account, create a directory named public_html in your home directory, and these files will appear at

Enter the following values for a secure connection:

  • Host name:
  • User name: your_userid
  • Port number: 22

If you have any questions, contact the Web Services team for additional assistance.