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Downloading, Installing and Configuring VPN for Windows

Virtual Private Network is a system that protects data connections, allowing computers to securely connect to one another over a private local area network (LAN).  Unauthorized users are denied access to VPN-secured messages (voice, video, or data) by the use of encryption and authentication, ensuring that only the sender and the intended recipient know what is being sent.

The following topics are covered on this page:

Downloading VPN

Although many VPN tools exist that will connect to the UHVPN network, the software currently supported by University Information Technology is Cisco VPN 3000 from Cisco Systems, Inc. Customers interested in this software need to download the appropriate installer from the UH Software Site.

The IT Support Center can be reached at 713-743-1411, or by sending email to

Installing VPN

Disable all anti-virus software before installing the VPN Software (restarting the computer will re-enable the anti-virus software).

Below are VPN installation documents. Select the document appropriate for your operating system.

Setting Up VPN

Below are links to Get Help documents that will walk you through the set-up process.

64-Bit Windows and VPN

For Windows 64-bit users, there is a VPN client built into the operating system. For information on using the built-in VPN client, read this Get Help answer: Accessing the UH Virtual Private Network with the 64-bit edition of Windows Home Premium.

Your CougarNet Account

To log into VPN you will need a CougarNet account. If you already have a CougarNet account, for the user name put in cougarnet\$userid$ where $userid$ is your CougarNet user name. The password will be your CougarNet password. If you do not have a CougarNet account, you will need to get one. To obtain an account you can call 713-743-1411, send email to, or come to Tech Commons, room 56 (basement of the MD Anderson Library). You will need your Cougar Card to confirm your identity and receive the account.

Connecting Using VPN

You will be able to connect to the UH network using VPN with any type of Internet connection, including cable, DSL, and dialup.

For More Information

For information about VPN, go to Introduction to VPN. For information about Cisco, go to the Cisco homepage.

Contact UIT

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