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CMS - The Cascade Content Management System

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The UH Web Site uses a Content Management System (CMS) called Cascade CMS, which is maintained by Web Technologies' CMS Team, a part of Technology Services and Support within UIT. UH Marketing and Branding develop the designs and templates that are used within the Cascade CMS to establish and support a shared look, feel, and functionality for University of Houston websites.

CMS Training

Trainings on how to access and use the CMS (CMS Basics Training) are offered on a monthly basis. To be included in the rolling invite list, please contact either Robert Birkline or Patty Schwerin. Individuals will kept on the rolling invite list for a calendar year, or until training needs have been otherwise addressed.

Please inquire about the next CMS Basics training.
The January 27th training will be held - 1pm Monday January 27, 2020 - at Technology Bridge (remote campus, aka ERP) building 3, room 242. For questions, please contact and/or Robert Birkline.

See also: General information about the CMS Training - What to Expect; Scheduling...

The UH Cascade CMS was updated to version 8.9 on June 15, 2018; see CMS Resources below to find more information about the Cascade version 8 CMS.

For more information and to request support

To get more information about using or gaining access to the UH CMS, and/or to request support:

Contact the Web Technologies CMS Team

Robert Birkline, Mgr, Web Technology
Ryan Reynolds, Cascade CMS Application Administrator
Patty Schwerin, Cascade CMS User Training, and CMS Sites support
Dominic Johnson, Web Technologies Quality Assurance

Contact the Web Marketing Team
UH Website design & development, and CMS Sites support
Meet the Web Marketing Team

CMS & Web Site Resources

University of Houston Web Accessibility Standards

Web Marketing Team CMS pages

CMS Team How To pages

Some Known Issues with v.8

UH Marketing Guidelines and Policies

Learn more about webpage languages, scripts, code, etc. - w3schools
or login to AccessUH to find web-related training through LinkedIn Learning (formerly

Hannon Hill and Cascade CMS

The Cascade Content Management System used at the University of Houston was authored by Hannon Hill. Peruse the Hannon Hill Knowledge Base.

Cascade CMS logo iconThe University of Houston's Cascade Server application was updated from version 7.14 ("Cascade Server") to version 8.3 ("Cascade CMS") on Friday March 24, 2017.


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