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O-1 Request Procedures

Important Note 1: A UH-contracted, OGC-designated attorney will prepare, submit, and manage the O-1 petition on behalf of UH.

Important Note 2: Only Human Resources is authorized to sign USCIS O-1 forms on behalf of UH.

The hiring department is responsible for completing, signing, and submitting to the Legal Assistant the following forms:

1. Copy of offer letter (not applicable if extending O-1)

2. Request to Petition for O-1

3. Sponsored Employee's CV/Resume

4. Export Control Form

- PI (if any) and Chair (or equivalent) sign

- If no PI, enter "N/A" for PI

- PI (if any) and Chair (or equivalent) sign as certifiers on Attachment A

- If no PI, only the Chair (or equivalent) signs as certifier



The law firm will use their business checks for the filing fees and will bill OGC.

Send To:

Michelle Sanchez
Legal Assistant
Office of the General Counsel
Mail Code: 2028