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Please visit the ISSSO website for information about the F-1 classification.  This section contains answers to commonly-encountered UH F-1 employment situations.  Questions and answers in this section are in no particular topic order.

Q: I've received a new Form I-20 with a note from ISSSO asking me to visit the HR if I'm employed on campus.  Why does Human Resources need to see my new Form I-20?

A: If your projected graduation date listed in Section 5 of your Form I-20 has changed, you need to update your I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form with HR.  The I-9 process will require you to present original and un-expired documents. Please visit the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification section and view the I-9 List of Acceptable Documents under "Forms."

Q: My Form I-20 will expire at the end of this semester. Will I be able to work at UH after that?

A: Unless you receive a new Form I-20 for enrollment into a new program of study, you normally need the Employment Authorization Card (EAD) in order to be eligible for OPT employment after the expiration of your Form I-20.  If you plan to work at UH pursuant to OPT, be sure to visit Human Resources as soon as you obtain the EAD in order to update your I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form.  You may be eligible for OPT employment upon receiving the EAD and by the start date appearing on the EAD.

Q: My department at UH wishes to employ me as staff pursuant to H-1B after I graduate this semester. How soon can I apply for H-1B?

A: The H-1B requires that you prove completion of the degree level being required for the position at UH. Once you're able to prove it, an H-1B petition can be filed any time. Regular H-1B processing can take a few months; so, you may begin the employment under OPT until the H-1B petition is approved; otherwise, you will have to maintain proper nonimmigrant status and obtain H-1B approval to be able to begin the employment.

Q: How many hours per week id full-time CPT?

A: 21 hours per week or more is considered full-time for CPT purposes.

Q: I think that I'm exempted from paying taxes, but my paycheck shows that taxes were deducted. How can I have UH stop deducting taxes and how can I get refunded for the taxes I've paid?

A: At the time of your hiring, you completed a Foreign National Tax Information Form that was forwarded to the Tax Department at UH to determine what tax benefits, if any, you may be eligible for based on a number of factors, including your immigration status.  For questions about taxes you have paid and how to claim them back, please contact the Foreign National Tax Specialist for UH: