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Hall Council Award Guide

Bidding Process 

Only one nominee per community, per award, is allowed.  Bids shall be submitted to the Executive Board by the due date.  The policy review will occur 3 weeks prior to the SHRLies. 

Bids to be awarded at the SHRLies Award Ceremony.  


First submission of the bid 
This is the first submission to the executive board of the bid. 
RHA Executive Board policy review 
Members will carefully review your bid and check it to make sure it aligns with the policy to offer you feedback and suggestions. 
You will receive the feedback from RHA Executive Board regarding the contents of your bid 
Final submission of Bid 
This will serve as the final deadline for the bids 
All deadlines will be at 11:59pm. 


  • A page of the bid is defined as a side of print including appendices, letters of recommendation, text, images, etc.  
  • Cover, title and citation pages are not included in the page count, dividers are included. 
  • Letters of support must still occupy the same page size as if they were placed in the bid as text. 
  • Citation page must consist of a list of citations attributing copyright materials to their sources. (minimum citing should consist of the URL or title of the source material with the corresponding page number(s) that the material is presented on).
  • Bids will be no longer than six pages (there must be a minimum of at least 10 point type).  

Bids must contain:

  • Page numbers
  • The award title 
  • Year of nomination 
  • The name of the community 
  • A citation page 
  • Bids shall be submitted in PDF format  


The Hall Council Awards Selection Committee (RHA Executive Board) shall have one vote per member on the selection of the winners of the awards. 

Hall Council of the Year 

Purpose: This award recognizes the accomplishments of a specific Hall Council for outstanding programming and community atmosphere. 


  • Nominees must show involvement with their residence hall, on campus and within RHA and/or NRHH. 
  • Nominees must include the amount of points the Hall Council has earned during their term The Bid shall include at least one letter of recommendation. 
  • Should include a list of programs and their descriptions. 
  • Include Hall Council’s goals and how they were met during the year.  
  • Bid should highlight the student involvement within the community. 
  • Show participation in the NRHH Of The Month Program. 
  • Include any recognition the Hall Council has received. 
  • Include number of students living in the community as well as information on the type of structure and explanation of the community government structure. 
  • Summary of expenses of community programs or sponsored events. 
  • Include all Hall Council points  

Hall Council Program of the Year 

Purpose: The University of Houston RHA recognizes the most outstanding student-implemented program concerning residence halls through the Program of the Year Award. This award seeks to recognize outstanding student planning and implementation of programming within the residence halls planned by Hall Council. 

Criteria: The following areas of consideration and questions should be addressed when submitting a bid for the award: 

  1. Relatedness to residence hall students
    a. For who is the program designed? 
    b. How does it relate to the residence hall setting? 
    c. Is it practical and applicable to other residence hall settings? 
    d. What were the goals of this program?
  2. Proven effectiveness
    a. How successful was the implemented program? 
    b. How was the evaluation of the program or concept carried out? 
    c. How was the program marketed? 

  3. Creativity and uniqueness
    a. How new is the concept of the program in dealing with general residence hall programming? 
    b. How unique is the program in presentation style – new twists to old concerns (not to be judged by the uniqueness of the program to a particular residence hall)? 
    c. How were the program costs met? 
    d. What methods were used in developing the program (research, questionnaires, interviews, etc.)? 

  4. Level of student input and involvement
    a. Was the program conceived by students? 
    b. How many students were involved in the actual planning and implementation of the program? 
    c. Who benefitted from the program? 
    d. Presentation of the information (Is the bid neat, concise, grammatically correct, clear and readable?) 
    e. The bid must include an exact date (month, date, year) of the nominated program. 

Hall Council Members of the Year 

Purpose: This award recognizes outstanding service to Hall Council and RHA by an individual who has been directed affiliated with the organization. There will be awards given to each full Hall Council, as each Hall Council is eligible to win this award. 


  1. Service to the community, Hall Council, Residence Halls Association and/or the SWACURH region (volunteering at events, event attendance, OTMs) 
    Outlines involvement to their Hall Council 
    Nominated for an Of The Month 
  2. Campus involvement 
  3. Include quotes from students that work closely with the student 
  4. This bid should include at least one letter of recommendation from an Advisor or other Professional Staff Member