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Hobby Fellows Success Stories

The Hobby School of Public Affairs' Hobby Fellows program offers full-time internships to University of Houston students in the Texas Capitol each regularly scheduled legislative session. Here are just a few of the many success stories:

Sara Alhalabi: Government Affairs Coordinator, Greater Houston Builders Association
Spring 2019: Senator Borris Miles
Troy Allen: General Land Office
Spring 2017: Representative Jim Murphy

Jonah Baumgarten: Candidate Development Associate, Leadership for Educational Equity
Spring 2019: Senator John Whitmire

Roel Benavides, Jr.: Committee Clerk, Committee on Corrections, Texas House of Representatives
Spring 2015: Representative Jim Murphy

Mariah Berry: Associate Attorney, Muskat, Mahony & Devine, LLP
Spring 2015: Representative Gene Wu

Candace Caruthers: Appellate Public Defender, New Jersey Office of the Public Defender
Spring 2015: Representative Ana Hernandez

Matthew Conner: Director, Government Relations, Houston Independent School District
Spring 2013: Representative Bill Callegari

Ashley Cruz: Legislative Aide, Representative Jon Rosenthal
Spring 2019: Representative Jon Rosenthal

Jon Garcia: Strategic Initiatives and Program Analyst, Harris County
Spring 2017: Representative Jessica Farrar

Yvette Hernandez: Litigation Paralegal, Crim & Villalpando Law Firm
Spring 2015: Representative Carol Alvarado

Sergio Hernandez: District Liaison, Senator Carol Alvarado
Spring 2019: Representative Vikki Goodwin

Estefani Jimenez: Environmental Case Manager, Kleinfelder
Spring 2013: Representative Ana Hernandez

Emily Joslin: Budget Analyst, Legislative Budget Board
Spring 2017: Representative Carol Alvarado

Emily Kusnerik: Legal Assistant, Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board
Spring 2015: Representative Wayne Smith

Jessica Rubio Merlan: District Director, Representative Gina Calanni
Spring 2019: Representative Gina Calanni

Ayesha Muzaffar: J.D. Candidate, UC Davis School of Law
Spring 2019: Representative Garnet Coleman

Idalid Navarro: Scheduler & Special Projects Coordinator, Council Member Tiffany Thomas
Spring 2019: Representative Jessica Farrar
Rish Oberoi: Development Director, MOVE Texas
Spring 2017: Speaker Joe Straus

Emma Oliver: Student, University of Houston Law Center
Spring 2015: Representative Sylvester Turner

Giovanni Perez: Student, University of Houston Law Center
Spring 2017: Representative Armando Walle

Jennifer Edwards Santos: Texas Attorney General's Office
Spring 2017: Representative Garnet Coleman

Eric Schroeder: Committee Director, Committee on County Affairs, Texas House of Representatives
Spring 2015: Representative Garnet Coleman

Isabel Soto Wallace: Business Manager, MI-GSO | PCUBED
Spring 2013: Representative Armando Walle 

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