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Yuki Atsusaka

Assistant Professor, Public Policy


Expertise: American politics, electoral systems, political methodology, quantitative methods

Career Highlights:

Yuki Atsusaka is an assistant professor at the Hobby School of Public Affairs with expertise in American politics and applied statistics. He holds a Ph.D. in political science and a Master of Arts in Statistics from Rice University. Atsusaka also holds a Master of Arts in American Studies with a focus on African American history and culture from Doshisha University. Before joining the Hobby School, he was a Guarini Dean’s Fellow in the Politics of Race and Ethnicity at Dartmouth College.

Atsusaka’s research lies at the intersection of electoral systems, race and ethnic politics and political methodology. He develops new statistical, computational and theoretical tools and uses them to study the effects of various electoral system designs on minority representation in democratic nations. His dissertation titled Political Methodologies for Electoral Engineering and Minority Representation received the John W. Gardner Award for the Best Dissertation in the Social Sciences at Rice University. His research has appeared in the American Political Science Review and Political Analysis.