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New Students

New Student Orientation

The Student Health Center welcomes you to the University of Houston. We hope the following information will orient you to our services.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective, comprehensive, compassionate and quality primary medical care to all UH students so they can learn best health practices and maintain their focus on successful academic outcomes.

The Student Health Center is staffed by board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, certified medical assistants and helpful administrative staff.

The Student Health Center offers non-emergent, outpatient medical care as well as several specialty clinics.

General Medicine Clinic


The Student Health Center General Medicine Clinic offers services at an affordable cost to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff. Family members, dependents and visiting friends are not eligible.

Services include treatment for both short-term and long-term medical problems and injuries. Immunizations are offered at the clinic.

For most efficient use of your time, call 713-743-5151 to make an appointment to be seen by a physician in the General Medicine Clinic. Same-day visits are usually available but urgent concerns are prioritized. We strongly encourage you to schedule your same-day appointment as early in the day as possible. Be advised that if you wait until the afternoon to try to be seen in our  General Medicine Clinic  there is a possibility our appointments will be completely booked for that day.

Specialty Clinics

Specialty clinics include Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Women’s Clinic and Men’s Clinic. Patients are seen by appointment. These services are available to currently enrolled UH students only.

Immunization Clinic

Immunizations, Tuberculosis Testing and Immunological Titers are available to currently enrolled students, and faculty and staff. Patients are seen by appointment. The charge for this service is based on the vaccine(s) or test(s).


Appointments may be scheduled by calling 713-743-5151 during regular business hours. Appointment for the General Medicine, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Immunization clinics may also be scheduled through our Health Coog Patient Portal.

We request that you plan to arrive at the Student Health Center at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow enough time to complete the check-in process. Please take into account the time to travel to our destination which includes traffic and finding a parking space as well as check-in process so as not to risk a late arrival or no show.

Healthy Coog Patient Portal

  • Schedule appointments online 24/7 for General Medicine and Women’s Health (for other services, please call 713-743-5151.
  • Receive secure lab reports and messages from your provider
  • Send a secure message to your provider’s Nurse/Medical Assistant
  • View and print your immunization records
  • Log in using your CourgarNet ID and password


A comprehensive selection of lab tests is available on the order of your UH Health Center provider. Patients are seen by appointment. The charge for this service is based on the test(s).


Diagnostic x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI’s are provided by referral from a Student Health Center provider to a nearby facility.

Cost of Services

The Student Health Center does have charges for services, including office visits, medications, laboratory, procedures, and injections. Payment is due at the time of service.

Insurance and Billing

The only insurance plan accepted at time of payment is the UH System endorsed Student Health Insurance. Services not covered by the Student Health Insurance in accordance with the written terms of the policy is the responsibility of the student.

Unfortunately at this time, the Student Health Center is unable to accept third-party insurance plans (including the UH employee health plan). Patients not enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan are offered a self-pay discounted rate and must pay at the time of service.

The Student Health Center will accept Visa, MasterCard, or transfer to the patient’s university financial account.

After Hours Care and Medical Emergencies

The Student Health Center is not an Urgent Care/Walk-in Center, Emergency Room or extended-hours/24-hour facility. Appointments are required.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

After Hours Care

If you get sick after hours, on weekends or holidays and you would like to be seen by a physician, you may seek off-campus health care. There are many options in the Houston area. The list of Convenient Care and Urgent Care Centers below offers some suggestions but does not include all available medical facilities.

Medical Emergencies

Emergency medical concerns are not appropriate for treatment at the Student Health Center. Patients who present to the Student Health Center with emergency medical concerns will be referred to an Emergency Room.

Campus Pharmacy

All enrolled students, faculty and staff are eligible to use the UH Campus Pharmacy. The pharmacy has a large formulary of available prescription medications as well as over the counter drugs. Many insurance plans are accepted. Please call the pharmacy, 713-743-5125 if you have a question about the availability of the medication you need or accepted insurance plans. The Campus Pharmacy is located in the Health 2 Building on the first floor.