I-20 and Financial Backing Information - University of Houston
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The following documents are not required until AFTER you are offered admission. Additional documents will be required if you are claiming dependents or transferring a current I-20 to the University of Houston (see F-1 Visa Information).

SEVIS Transfer In Form

If you are currently studying in the United States on an F-1 at a different college or university, please take the form below to your current International office to schedule the transfer of your SEVIS record.

UH I-20 Requests

Request to pick up a physical I-20 document from SEVIS Coordinator using this form.

I-20 Calculator

***This calculator is intended for estimation purposes only. Additional charges related to your specific program are not reflected.

***For purposes of this calculator, estimates for off-campus/online students are presented the same.

***For I-20 purposes, the waiver is based on 9 credit hours.

Detailed Breakdown of the Estimate

  • Graduate Tuition

    For more information for consolidated tuition and incidental fees per semester go to Graduate Tuition – Fiscal Year 2021.
    The chart below displays consolidated tuition and incidental fees per semester credit hour based on major. Please note that consolidated fees do not include required fees such as the Student Services Fee, Extended Access Fee, Recreation and Wellness Center Fee, and UC Fee.

    Cost per Semester Credit Hour


    Masters/PS Non-Resident Masters/PHD Non-Resident
    Architecture $1,055.26/SCH N/A
    Business $1,375.09/SCH $843.00/SCH
    College of the Arts - Prof Masters $918.98/SCH N/A
    College of the Arts - Masters N/A $910.18/SCH
    College of the Arts - Fine & Perfoming Arts N/A $966.23/SCH
    College of the Arts - Doctoral N/A $829.00/SCH
    CLASS - Prof Masters $918.98/SCH N/A
    CLASS - Liberal Arts Masters
    N/A $910.18/SCH
    CLASS - Communication
    N/A $966.23/SCH
    CLASS - Doctoral N/A $829.00/SCH
    Education $984.92/SCH $895.00/SCH
    Engineering $1,043.17/SCH $937.00/SCH
    Hobby School of Public Affairs $918.98/SCH N/A
    Hotel and Restaurant Management $1029.98/SCH $843.00/SCH
    Law - LLM $1,766.03/SCH N/A
    Law - JD $1,544.68/SCH N/A
    Natural Sciences & Mathematics $918.98/SCH $843.00/SCH
    Nursing $1,111.32/SCH N/A
    Optometry (O.D.) $1,160.16/SCH N/A
    Optometry (Ph.D.) N/A $787.00/SCH
    Pharmacy N/A $932.00/SCH
    Pharmacy (PharmD) $1,148.94/SCH N/A
    Social Work $970.63/SCH $885.00/SCH
    Technology $1,133.30/SCH N/A
  • Mandatory Fees

    For more information about mandatory fees go to Graduate Fees – The fiscal Year 2021

    Recreation and Wellness Center Fee $109/sem The Recreation & Wellness Center Fee supports the maintenance and operation of the center.
    Student Services Fee $260/sem The Student Service Fee supports various campus activities and organizations dedicated to student life and its enhancement.
    UC Fee $135/sem The University Center Fee supports the maintenance and operation of the University Center.
    International Student Service Fee Sem/Sum $100
  • Health Insurance

    For more information about Health Insurance go to University Fees and Academic Health Plans.

    Health Insurance

    Fall Admit Fall 2020(New Students): $1,180.00
    Spring Admit Spring/Summer 2021: $1,874.00
    Summer Admit Summer 2021 Only: $710.00
  • Book and supplies

    Book and supplies expenses are $1,300/year
  • Living expenses

    Living expenses are $14,300/year.