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Graduate Tuition - Fiscal Year 2025

Fiscal Year 2025

Fiscal Year 2025 includes the fall 2024, spring 2025 and summer 2025.

The chart below displays consolidated tuition and incidental fees per semester credit hour based on major. Please note that consolidated fees do not include required fees such as the Student Services Fee, Extended Access Fee, Recreation and Wellness Center Fee and UC Fee.

Cost per Semester Credit Hour


Masters/PS Resident Masters/PS Non-Resident Masters/PHD Resident Masters/PHD Non-Resident
Architecture $592.18/SCH $1,102.18/SCH N/A N/A
Business $936.73/SCH $1,446.73/SCH $334.00/SCH $844.00/SCH
College of the Arts - Prof Masters $421.76/SCH $931.76/SCH N/A N/A
College of the Arts - Masters N/A N/A $412.74/SCH $922.74/SCH
College of the Arts - Fine & Perfoming Arts N/A N/A $470.24/SCH $980.24/SCH
College of the Arts - Doctoral N/A N/A $320.00/SCH $830.00/SCH
CLASS - Prof Masters $421.76/SCH $931.76/SCH N/A N/A
CLASS - Liberal Arts Masters
N/A N/A $412.74SCH $922.74/SCH
CLASS - Communication
N/A N/A $470.24/SCH $980.24/SCH
CLASS - Doctoral N/A N/A $320.00/SCH $830.00/SCH
Education $489.41/SCH $999.41/SCH $386.00/SCH $896.00/SCH
Engineering $579.16/SCH $1,089.16/SCH $428.00/SCH $938.00/SCH
Hobby School of Public Affairs N/A N/A $445.36/SCH $955.36/SCH
Hotel and Restaurant Management $564.95/SCH $1,074.95/SCH $334.00/SCH $844.00/SCH
Law - LLM $1,390.22/SCH $1,870.22/SCH N/A N/A
Law - JD $1,151.28/SCH $1,631.28/SCH N/A N/A
Natural Sciences & Mathematics $445.36/SCH $955.36/SCH $334.00/SCH $844.00/SCH
Nursing $619.10/SCH $1,129.10/SCH N/A N/A
Optometry (O.D.) $704.55/SCH $1,214.55/SCH N/A N/A
Optometry (Ph.D.) N/A N/A $278.00/SCH $788.00/SCH
Pharmacy N/A N/A $423.00/SCH $933.00/SCH
Pharmacy (PharmD) $657.25/SCH $1,167.25/SCH N/A N/A
Social Work $474.76/SCH $984.76/SCH $376.00/SCH $886.00/SCH
Engineering-Technology Divison $676.25/SCH $1,186.25/SCH N/A N/A

Please note: The registration process at the University of Houston begins with “pre-registration” during the enrollment period. During this time, students can add classes to their schedule in myUH according to their assigned enrollment appointments. Registration is not complete and students are not officially enrolled until tuition bills have been paid by the term's due dates.

Dual Program Enrollment
Students enrolled in dual programs will be assessed tuition and fees at the higher of the two program rates.