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Request an Accommodation

If you are a student seeking academic accommodations, please contact the Justin Dart, Jr. Student Accessibility Center

If you are an employee seeking a reasonable workplace accommodation, please contact EOS by phone at 713-743-8835 or by email at

Reasonable Workplace Accommodation Request Process

EOS works with employees and their supervisor(s) to identify appropriate reasonable accommodations that enable employees with disabilities to perform the essential functions of their job.

This is an interactive process, meaning that the employee, their supervisor(s), and EOS communicate with each other about the precise nature of the disability and how the disability impacts the employee at work. 

To begin the process, the employee will complete the UHS Request for Workplace Accommodation Form, which asks for basic information about the employee's impairment and the desired accommodation. 

To learn more about reasonable workplace accommodations, please explore the ADA section of our website.