Equal Opportunity Services (EOS) - University of Houston
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Important Employee Reminder

Mandatory reporting obligations under Senate Bill 212 remain in effect for all UH employees. To report an incident of discrimination or sexual misconduct, please complete the online Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Report Form. For questions, please contact EOS@uh.edu or call our office at (713)743-8835.

Community Reports and Resources

All community members are encourage to submit an online report directly to EOS using the online Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Report Form. For questions, you may also contact EOS@uh.edu or call our office at (713)743-8835.

Community members may also submit reports of discrimination and sexual misconduct anonymously through the Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline. However, omitting details in the report may limit the University's ability to respond. Mandatory reporters are still required to provide all party and incident information even while using the hotline reporting option.

If you are a party to an ongoing investigation, please do not hesitate to contact your EOS assigned staff member by phone or email with any questions.

Resources continue to be available to our community members through in-person visits, virtual sessions or phone. Please contact our office to learn more about available services, or explore Title IX Sexual Misconduct Resources to view possible resources across campus and the broader Houston and national community.  

More About EOS

Welcome to the Office of Equal Opportunity Services (EOS). We support UH's values by enforcing our Anti-Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Policies, in addition to facilitating reasonable workplace accommodations, training for compliance on anti-discrimination topics, and providing tools and resources to ensure all UH information and services are accessible to our community. 

At UH, we all benefit from equal opportunity, and we strive to maintain and continuously strengthen an environment in which all participants feel heard and valued. Please explore our website to learn more about rights and resources available to members of the UH community.