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Office of Equal Opportunity Services
Phone: 713-743-8835
Fax: 713-743-0959 

Rebecca Lake serves as Title IX Coordinator for the University of Houston. Community members may make an online report for review of the EOS team, or call the EOS phone number to be connected with a staff member.


EOS is located on the southeast side of campus off of Wheeler Street (Entrance 6) at Student Service Center Building 2, north of the Justin Dart, Jr. Student Accessibility Center, and near the Cougar Village dorms and A.D. Bruce Religion Center. (Please see Building #526 on this map.)

4367 Cougar Village Drive, #526 
Houston, TX 77204  


If available, you may park in one of the three spots located directly behind the building marked with a sign stating, “Reserved for Equal Opportunity Services.”  

Upon Arrival: 

Please ring the doorbell if there is no one at the front desk.