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The mission of the School Psychology Ph.D. program is to inspire the development of transformative leaders and mutually beneficial community relationships to promote positive change and well-being across systems important to children and families. We intentionally engage with diverse populations, settings, and professional opportunities to accomplish rigorous, culturally sensitive, scientist-practitioner training and research.

Program Values

Excellence in Science and Practice: We endorse and exemplify research to inform science and practice to advocate for our clients through a social justice lens.

Innovative Leadership: Through research and training, we empower leaders to develop innovative solutions to the real-world challenges of children and the socioecological-behavioral systems in which they exist.

Collaborative Community Partnerships: By recognizing the strengths of community partners, we establish sustainable mutually beneficial community collaborations.

Diversity and Social Justice: By valuing the unique strengths and needs of children, families, and systems we serve, we are agents of culturally informed social justice efforts guided by the rich diversity of the University and surrounding communities.

Academic Integrity: We share the responsibility to create and foster a climate of collegiality and professional integrity in all endeavors.

Systemic Perspective: Guided by a socioecological-behavioral framework, we seek to bring excellence to the many settings and systems that directly or indirectly influence child development and well-being.

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The School Psychology doctoral program is a member of UH's Psychological, Health, & Learning Sciences department.

Program Director: Dr. Brad Smith

UH College of Education
Stephen Power Farish Hall
3657 Cullen Blvd., Room 491
Houston, TX 77204-5023

Undergraduate: coeug@uh.edu or 713-743-5000
Graduate: coegrad@central.uh.edu or 713-743-7676
General: coecomm@uh.edu or 713-743-5010

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