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Minor in Education

The minor in education offers two options:

  • With teacher certification
  • Without teacher certification

Minor with Teacher Certification

Is this program for me?

The minor in education with teacher certification generally is designed for students who want to become certified to teach a specific subject in middle of high school (e.g., you want to teach history) or at the early childhood through 12th grade level (e.g., you want to teach art).

With this minor, students need to have one of the following majors declared to teach that subject (e.g., history or art).

  • English Language Arts and Reading (7th-12th grade) 
  • Social Studies (7th-12th grade)
  • History (7th-12th grade) 
  • Dance (6th-12th grade) 
  • Art (Early Childhood-12th grade) 
  • Spanish (Early Childhood-12th grade)

Important exceptions:

  • Students who want to become certified to teach math or science in middle or high school should pursue the teach HOUSTON program instead of a minor in education.
  • Students who want to teach music or theatre will complete the teacher certification requirements through their major and should not choose the minor in education.

What will I learn?

Our goal is to graduate students who are ready to teach on day one. Students learn classroom management and research-based instructional strategies from experienced faculty so they are well prepared to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Students also must complete a yearlong student teaching internship. This is an invaluable experience where students receive coaching and support from UH faculty and a mentor teacher at the school.

Minor Overview

I think this program is for me. What should I do?

Start by seeing the advisor in the department of your specific major (e.g., history or art) to learn more about the requirements. If your preferred teaching track requires a minor in education, review the education minor with the certification toolkit and make an appointment with one of our teacher education undergraduate advisors.

Minor Without Teacher Certification

Students interested in learning more about the field of education who do not plan to teach can select the minor in education without teacher certification.

Minor Details

I think this program is for me. What should I do?

To apply for a minor in education without teacher certification, make an appointment with one of our teacher education undergraduate advisors.