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Internship & Practicum

Purpose and Requirements

Students will take CUIN 8393, Advanced Internship and will engage in the internship process during that semester. Initial arrangements for the internship may be made by the student in consultation with the academic advisor. An internship must also receive the final approval of the instructor of record for CUIN 8393. An internship proposal is thus due prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student will be enrolled in the internship course. The instructor of record will facilitate the course and work with the academic advisor and student on specific needs and expectations for the internship.

 A doctoral internship must involve the student actively in an educational setting (e.g., participating in research/scholarship or teaching) related to the student's program of study or career plan. It should involve the student in integrating coursework and extending the student’s professional experience. Sample internship experiences regarding teaching include teaching courses at the college/university level either on campus or off campus, serving as co-instructor, or GA for courses. Sample internship experiences regarding scholarship include working on grant projects or proposals, developing manuscripts for publication review and proposing or presenting at professional conferences. Developing a research study / protocol, completing a literature review, or engaging in a pilot project / study may also satisfy internship expectations. Additional scholarship expectations can be negotiated with the instructor, student, and academic advisor.

Customarily, the instructor of record meets periodically with the student while the internship is in progress to discuss specific learning goals. While the internship experience is mostly conducted individually, the instructor of record will also conduct regular seminars on teaching, scholarship, and service for all students to attend.

Every internship must include as a culminating product a written report that communicates the key learning outcomes by the student from the internship. This product must include an analysis of the experience and how learning outcomes are related to the student’s prior learning and career plan.