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Admission Application Instructions

College Requirements and Deadlines

An applicant is responsible for ensuring that all required materials for the evaluation of admissions are received by the College before the program's deadline. If the application is not complete by the program's deadline, it will not be evaluated for the admissions.

Required Admission Materials

Expedite the Process

  1. Request required documents, such as transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation, as soon as possible. They may take longer to receive than you expect.
  2. Send original copies of official test scores and transcripts to the University. Please refer to The Graduate School's admission information for address information. The University of Houston's school code is 6870. Do not send official test scores or transcripts to the College of Education.
  3. Apply and complete your application well in advance of the  program's deadline. The ApplyWeb application will be available to prospects on June 1st for Spring admissions and August 1st for Fall admissions.

Admission Decisions

A decision cannot be rendered until all of the required application materials have been submitted by the program's deadline. Applicants will receive written notification that their application is complete upon receipt of all required documentation. During the admission process, applicants will have the opportunity to check their admission status online through ApplyWeb. If an applicant is offered admission to the University of Houston's College of Education, an offer letter within ApplyWeb will be provided.