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How We Will Measure

Achieving Top 50 Status:

  • FTIC retention rates
  • FTIC Pell eligible retention rates
  • Number of UH Bachelor graduates who donate to DSA
  • The number of dollars worth of services provided to students with financial need

Enhancing UH's Strategic Priorities:

  • Number of hours of career related experiences by student employees
  • Number of students and student hours volunteering in the Third Ward
  • Number of faculty/staff and hours providing service/volunteering for DSA department programs
  • Number of student-athletes utilizing DSA services each semester
  • Dollars raised from grants and donations
  • Number of UH bachelor graduates who donate to DSA

Fostering Student Engagement:

  • Sense of Belonging rating from students
  • Number of unique students served by departments and division
  • Percentage of total addressable population served by division
  • External ratings of student employees' competencies 
  • Average GPA of students engaged in DSA programs/ services
  • Average completed student credit hours of students engaged in DSA programs/ services