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In Reaction to the Civil Rights Movement

Houston Public Library presentation by School of Art alumnus Anthony Suber

There is an increasing need for meaningful discourse, particularly on the issues highlighted by the Civil Rights Movement.

School of Art alumnus Anthony Suber will lead such a public conversation at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 7 at the African American Library at the Gregory School.

In his “In Reaction to the Civil Rights Movement,” Suber recontextualizes the purpose and latent meaning behind photographs, writings, and art that have been created in reaction to civil disobedience and non-violent struggle.

Suber work is featured in Organized Love: Ideas on Non-Violence, an exhibition organized by the African American Library at the Gregory School in collaboration with the Menil Collection and other institutions.

“Organized Love: Ideas on Non-Violence features sixteen contemporary artists and writers responding to the history of nonviolent struggle in Houston and its aesthetic,” wrote Danielle Burns, the curator at the Houston Public Library, in her blog about the exhibition.

“Artists formulate their own questions about nonviolent protest and defend their analyses of tensions within our constitutional democracy and the importance of maintaining a balance between: individual rights; liberty and equality; civil disobedience, and the rule of law through art,” Burns wrote. “Inspired by various archival collections in the city, participating artists respond to materials found in the archives through a broad range of approaches and media, including painting, sculpture, and installation.”

Suber completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Houston, receiving a BFA in painting. He is a painter, sculptor and educator and his work focuses on historical references, spirituality and the contemporary African American experience through the lens of his personal experiences of religion and social relationships in a post-modern society.