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Faculty Research Expertise

Name Department Title Research Expertise Email
Aboul-Ela, Hosam English Associate Professor post colonial literature, literary theory, transnational studies, Faulkner studies, Arab studies
Alastuey, Lisa L Health & Human Performance Clinical Associate Professor obesity, women's health, physical activity interventions
Aleman, Eduardo Political Science Associate Professor comparative politics, political institutions, Latin American politics
Alfano, Candice A Psychology Professor sleep disorders, anxiety, psychopathology, trauma, pediatric mental health
Al-Sowayel, Dina Women's Studies Program Instructional Assistant Professor Modern Middle East, history of Islam, women of Islam,
Alward, Beau A Psychology Assistant Professor social behavior, sex differences in brain and behavior, molecular genetics, neuroplasticity, neuroendocrinology
An, Junmo Health & Human Performance Research Assistant Professor brain- machine interface, machine learning, functional neuroimaging, medical robotics, magnetic resonance imaging, signal & image processing
Anderson, Kathryn Sociology Assistant Professor sociology of health and illness, urban sociology, race, ethnicity, organizations, social stratification, geographic information sciences
Andrews, Chereece N Communication Sciences and Disorders Clinical Assistant Professor audiology
Antel, John J Economics Professor labor economics
Archer, Allison M Political Science Assistant Professor political communication, mass media, political psychology, American politics
Arellano, Christopher Health & Human Performance Assistant Professor biomechanics, energetics, human locomotion, animal locomotion, assistive devices, locomotor training, human performance, muscle tendon mechanics
Armstrong, Richard H Modern & Classical Languages Associate Professor ancient culture, translation studies, history of psychoanalysis
Ashley, Laura B Communication Instructional Assistant Professor public relations, communications
Babcock, Julia Psychology Associate Professor domestic violence, couples interaction, marital therapy, emotions, emotional regulation, efficacy of interventions
Backus, Margot  English Professor English literature
Badas, Alex Political Science Assistant Professor judicial politics, public opinion, political institutions
Bagashka, Tanya G Political Science Associate Professor comparative politics, political economy, post communist politics, political methodology
Bailey, Jeremy D Political Science Professor The American Founding and Early Republic, executive power, the presidency, the Constitution
Balestra, Alejandra Hispanic Studies Instructional Assistant Professor Spanish as a second language, foreign language acquisition, e-learning curriculum development, critical thinking development, Argentinean culture, Argentinean history
Basinger, Scott J Political Science Associate Professor American politics, political scandals, quantitative analysis
Baumle, Amanda K Sociology Professor demography of sexuality, sociology of law, gender and sexuality, quantitative methods, qualitative methods, employment discrimination
Behr, Francesca D. Modern & Classical Languages Associate Professor Classical studies, Italian studies, Italian Renaissance, epic, gender studies, reception, satire, narratology, comparative literature
Behr, Thomas C Comparative Cultural Studies Assistant Professor liberal studies
Belieu, Erin C English Professor gender, love and history
Bencomo, Anadeli Hispanic Studies Professor Mexican narrative, literary studies, critical theory, cultural studies, narrative genres, Latin American authors
Berger, Jason English Associate Professor 19th century American literature, critical theory, Marxism, psychoanalysis, post humanism, queer theory, new materialism, environmental humanities
Bick, Johanna R Psychology Assistant Professor early adversity, early childhood neurodevelopment, childhood maltreatment, parental responsiveness, early prevention, early intervention
Bigley, Austin Health & Human Performance Research Assistant Professor Cancer immunology, NK-cells, Cytomegalovirus, Immunotherapy, Spaceflight
Blake, Margaret  Communication Sciences and Disorders Professor right hemisphere brain damage, traumatic brain injury, cognitive-communication disorders
Bode, Sharon K Health & Human Performance Clinical Professor dietetics, nutrition
Boswell, Robert L English Professor creative writing
Boul, Ruxandra Economics Instructional Associate Professor international finance, time series econometrics, macroeconomics
Breslin, Whitney L Health & Human Performance Clinical Assistant Professor health and nutrition, exercise
Brown, Kenneth L Comparative Cultural Studies Professor archaeological method, historical archaeological method, African American archaeology, Mesoamerican archaeology, urban archaeology
Brozovich, Lauren K English Assistant Professor modern American literature, contemporary American literature, poetry, ecocriticism, literature and science, visual arts
Buck, Suzanne Communication Instructional Assistant Professor Public speaking, professional communication, communication and aging
Buckner, Cameron J Philosophy Assistant Professor philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science, digital humanities, animal cognition
Bunta, Ferenc Communication Sciences and Disorders Associate Professor bilingual phonological acquisition, cross linguistic phonological acquisition, speech and language disorders, acoustic phonetics, speech and language acquisition in children with cochlear implants, second language acquisition, second language phonology
Butler, Paul G English Associate Professor rhetoric, rhetorical style, composition, public sphere, multimodal composition, digital humanities
Buzzanco, Robert History Professor Vietnam War, political economy, 20th century U.S. History, diplomatic history
Camaj, Lindita Communication Associate Professor media effects, political culture, agenda setting, priming effects, Freedom of Information, journalism studies, eastern Europe media
Campion, James E Psychology Professor personnel selection methods, fair employment, content analytic methodology, employment interviews, industrial psychology, organizational psychology
Canen, Nathan J Economics Assistant Professor political economy, industrial organization, applied econometrics
Cantu, Francisco Political Science Assistant Professor Latin American politics, comparative politics, methods
Carlson, Coleen Psychology Research Assistant Professor early English literacy, early Spanish literacy, second language acquisition, reading disabilities, research design and statistics, structural equation modeling, modeling individual growth, literacy and language development
Carrera, Alessandro Modern & Classical Languages Professor 18th - 21st century Italian literature, comparative literature, Italian philosophy, continental philosophy, critical theory, music and philosophy, popular music, film and philosophy
Casellas, Jason Political Science Associate Professor Latino politics, American politics, public policy
Castilla-Earls, Anny Communication Sciences and Disorders/ Psychology Associate Professor grammatical markers of language impairment, monolingual assessment practices, bilingual assessment practices
Chatagnier, John Tyson Political Science Assistant Professor international relations, civil military relations, militarized conflict
Chatterjee, Sreya English Assistant Professor 20th century British literature, 20th century Irish literature, 20th century South Asian literature, global Anglophone literature, postcolonial literature, feminist theory, women's writing
Chery, Tshepo M History Assistant Professor Southern African history, African political history, African religious history
Chin, Aimee Economics Professor labor economics, development economics, applied econometrics
Choi, Ho Joon Communication Assistant Professor health issues, advertising, crisis communication,eWOM, SNSs, psychological models, consumer information processing
Choi, Naomi Political Science Assistant Professor contemporary political theory, history of political thought, philosophy of social sciences
Christensen, Ann C English Professor early modern English literature, Shakespeare, feminist historicist methods, economic structures
Church, Jeffrey Political Science Associate Professor modern political thought, Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, Nietzche, liberal theory, democratic theory
Cirino, Paul Psychology Professor developmental neuropsychology, math learning difficulties, reading learning difficulties, disabilities, attention, working memory, executive functions, measurement and methodology
Clark, Jennifer H Political Science Associate Professor American politics, state politics, legislative institutions, political parties, representation, quantitative methods
Clarke, Christopher A Economics Instructional Assistant Professor public policy, applied econometrics, industrial organization, income inequality
Clarke, Mark S Health & Human Performance Assoc Provost Fac Dev/Affairs muscle physiology, muscle adaptation, mechanical loading, cellular basis of muscle function, health and disease
Clavin, Matthew J History Professor race, slavery, Civil War, Atlantic history
Clifford, Scott Political Science Associate Professor political psychology, morality, survey research, experimental designs
Coates, D Justin Philosophy Associate Professor ethics, philosophy of action
Cole, J Bryan Political Science Instructional Assistant Professor American politics, elections, voting behavior, public opinion, religion and politics
Colombe, Audrey A English Associate Professor creative writing pedagogy, literary magazine publication, early American women's novels, short narrative
Cong, Xiaoping History Professor social and political transformation, 20th century China
Connolly, Sally English Associate Professor elegy, poetic responses to disaster, transatlantic literary relations, poetic influence and inheritance, confessional verse, neoformalist criticism, modern and contemporary epics, epigraphs, allusion
Contractor, Cyrus Political Science Instructional Assistant Professor comparative politics, Middle East Politics, Shi'a politics, political Islam
Conyers, James l African-American Studies Faculty Director African American studies, oral history, African American sociology
Cortina, Jeronimo Political Science Associate Professor American politics, Latino politics, immigration, comparative politics, quantitative research methods
Cottingham, Michael Health & Human Performance Associate Professor promotional strategies in sport, consumer behavior, disability sport
Craig, Steven G Economics Professor public economics, public choice, applied micro econometrics, urban economics, the Houston economy
Cubas Norando, German Economics Assistant Professor macroeconomics, economic growth, development
Cuesta, Mabel Hispanic Studies Associate Professor U.S. Latino literature, Caribbean literature
Damian, Rodica  Psychology Assistant Professor status attainment, creative achievement, well being, cognitive process, developmental process, poverty, multiculturalism
Daniels, Stephanie K Communication Sciences and Disorders Professor swallowing, dysphagia, neurological disease
De Genova, Nicholas P Comparative Cultural Studies Professor migration, borders, race citizenship, labor, nationalism, United States, Latin America, Europe, urban studies, social theory, political philosophy
De Los Reyes Heredia, Jose Guillermo Hispanic Studies Associate Professor colonial Latin American literatures and cultures, Mexican culture, Popular culture and folklore, Americas, gender, sexuality, queer theory, identity, nationalism, business Spanish, cross cultural communication, voluntary organizations, fraternal orders, democracy
Decker, Hannah S History Professor German history, history of psychiatry, history of psychoanalysis
DeGregori, Thomas R Economics Professor agriculture, world food supply, hunger, GMO (domestic and international) technology, science in economic change, economic development of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean
Derrick, Jaye L Psychology Assistant Professor self regulation, well being, health, health behaviors, addictive behaviors, intimate partner aggression, EMA research methods, personal relationships
Deyle, Steven H History Associate Professor 19th century U.S. social and political history, slavery, Civil War
Divakaruni, Chitra B English Professor creative writing
Due Hackney, Casey L Modern & Classical Languages Professor Homeric poetry, Greek oral traditions, Greek tragedy, textual criticism
Duran, Chatwara English Associate Professor multilingualism, transnationalism, literacy studies, language teaching and learning, identity
Dworkin, Anthony G Sociology Professor sociology of education, race and ethnic relations, sociology theory, quantitative research methods
Eberhart, Christian Comparative Cultural Studies Professor ritual, concepts of reconciliation and atonement, biblical texts and manuscripts, literature and culture of Second Temple Judaism, history of biblical interpretation, Qumran fragments, Dead Sea scrolls, biblical archeology and topography, early Christian literature, interreligious dialogue
Ehlers, Sarah E English Assistant Professor modern American literature, contemporary American literature,  poetics, African American literature, radical culture, left culture
Eisenberger, Robert W Psychology Professor organizational support theory, motivation for creativity, enjoyment of nature
El-Badawi, Emran Modern & Classical Languages Associate Professor Middle Eastern Studies, North African civilization, Qur'an, Biblical literature, late antique Christian, Jewish, pagan Arabia, Syriac literature, Umayyad Empire, Arab liberalism
Ellis, Amanda V English Assistant Professor Mexican American literature, American literature, critical race studies, ethnic studies, Chicana feminism, trauma studies, medical humanities
Ercolani, Monica Modern & Classical Languages Instructional Assistant Professor Italian literature
Fairclough, Marta A Hispanic Studies Professor heritage language education, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, U.S. Spanish
Fang, Karen English Professor British romantic literature, film studies, surveillance, imperial history, cultural studies
Fares, Michael J Modern & Classical Languages Instructional Assistant Professor foreign language acquisition, medieval Arabic philosophy and literature
Farfan-Santos, Elizabeth Comparative Cultural Studies Assistant Professor medical anthropology, critical race theory, identity formation, racial exclusion and violence, health care access, global health, maternal health, medical humanities, creative writing, Latin America, United States
Ferguson, Jamie H English Associate Professor Renaissance and reformation literature, poetics, translation studies, history of biblical exegesis, hermeneutics, Bible as literature
Fetterman, Adam K Psychology Assistant Professor social cognition, metaphor, nostalgia, individual differences, meaning, religious cognition
Fishman, Sarah History Professor 20th century French history, gender and society, European history
Fix, Julie B Communication Instructional Assistant Professor public relations, communications
Fletcher, Jack M Psychology Professor neuropsychology of learning disabilities, classification, definition, cognitive and neurobiological correlates, intervention, pediatric brain injury, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, plasticity and recovery function
Flynn, Nicholas English Professor creative writing
Foss, Donald J Psychology Professor cognitive psychology, language comprehension, learning and memory, classroom learning
Francis, David J Psychology Professor statistical models for longitudinal data, multi level models, latent variable models, psychometrics, reading acquisition, reading disability identification and prevention, developmental disabilities, English Language Learners
Friedman, Willa H Economics Assistant Professor economic development, health, political economy, behavioral economics
Fumurescu, Alin Political Science Assistant Professor Medieval political theory, modern political theory, American political thought, transitions to democracy, social media, representation, self representation
Gallagher, Matthew W Psychology Associate Professor transdiagnostic treatments, PTSD, anxiety disorders, mechanisms of change of empirically supported treatments, positive thinking, well being, resilience, positive mental health causes, mental illness, measurement, methodology, meta analysis, modeling longitudinal trajectories of change
Garson, James W Philosophy Professor logic, modal logic, formal semantics, computational linguistics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of mathematics
Gharala, Nora L History Assistant Professor 17th- 18th century Mexico, Iberian empires, slavery and freedom, family, African diasporas
Giacchetti, Claudine A Modern & Classical Languages Professor 19th Century French literature, romantic period, post revolutionary France
Gietz, Merrilee Communication Sciences and Disorders Instructional Assistant Professor ASL literature, ASL poetry, deaf culture, ASL structure, ASL linguistics, pedagogical interpreting, ASL techniques
Glass, Hildegard Modern & Classical Languages Associate Professor German literature, German cultural history, Holocaust in literature
Goldberg, Mark A. History Associate Professor Texas- Mexico border relations of the 18th-19th century, Jewish studies, American history, Latin@ history, history of race and ethnicity
Golubev, Alexey  History Assistant Professor Russian history, Northern Europe, transnational history, digital humanities, history of knowledge
Gonzalez, Maria C English Associate Professor Mexican-American literature, Chicana writers, feminist theory, queer theory
Gonzalez-Rivera, Melvin Hispanic Studies Assistant Professor syntax, semantics, pragmatics, Caribbean Spanish, linguistics
Goodin-Mayeda, Carrie  Hispanic Studies Associate Professor language acquisition, bilingualism, adult speech perception, L2 acquisition of phonology, adulthood and childhood bilingual speech perception
Gordon, Andrew J Comparative Cultural Studies Associate Professor medical anthropology, applied anthropology, urban environments, international development, alcohol studies, drug studies, Latin America, West Africa, United States
Gorniak, Stacey Health & Human Performance Associate Professor pathological neuromuscular control, sensorimotor function, neurological pathology, aging, chronic health conditions, movement disorders
Granato, James S Hobby School of Public Affairs Interim Assoc Provost, Hobby public policy, statistics, econometrics, time series analysis, American political institutions
Gray, Jon Phillip Health & Human Performance Instructional Associate Professor educational resilience, teacher effectiveness, physical education pedagogy
Gregory, Elizabeth English Professor fertility and women's work, modern american poetry, Marianne Moore, the future of work, motherhood studies, gender theory, age studies, building a culture and economy of care
Gregory, Paul R Economics Professor Soviet economics, transition economics, economic history, comparative economics, economic demography, energy economics
Grigorenko, Elena L Psychology Professor developmental psychology, developmental psychopathology, forensic science, molecular genetics, neuropsychiatric genetics
Grigorian, Stella Sociology Instructional Associate Professor foodways, gender, nationalism, Soviet era, culture, fieldwork methods
Guajardo, Paul English Associate Professor Mexican American literature, minority literature, Victorian literature, autobiography, the novel
Gutierrez, Manuel J Hispanic Studies Professor sociolinguistics, language contact and change, syntax, U.S. Spanish
Gutierrez, Pedro Revuelta Hispanic Studies Professor 20th century Spanish literature, Spanish culture and civilization, Spanish film, Spanish Civil War, Pablo Neruda, Maria Zambrano, creative writing
Hamilton, Marc Health & Human Performance Professor molecular studies, behavioral studies, sedentary living, public health, obesity, aging, diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular disease
Hardee, Polly Economics Instructional Assistant Professor money and banking
Harlow, Summer D Communication Assistant Professor social media, social movements, journalism, Latin America, alternative media
Harris, Francine J English Associate Professor Father Divine, international peace mission, charismatic black leadership
Harrison, Layci Health & Human Performance Clinical Assistant Professor functional movement, balance ability, injury risk, injury rehabilitation
Harwell, Debbie History Instructional Assistant Professor Houston history, migration, immigration, civil rights history, women's history, public history
Hart, John M History Professor Mexican Revolution, Mexican labor, Mexican American labor, Mexican rural working class
Hattab, Helen Philosophy Associate Professor early modern philosophy, Renaissance philosophy, early modern science, Medieval philosophy
Haubrick, Kevin Health & Human Performance Clinical Assistant Professor food and nutrition, dietetics
Haun, Martha J Communication Associate Professor meeting management/parliamentary procedure; crisis communication; end of life communication; healthy aging
Hawkins, Billy J Health & Human Performance Professor sociology of sport, cultural studies, sports management, sport for development
Hellmueller, Lea C Communication Assistant Professor digital news innovations, political polarization, right wing populist journalism, computational grounded theory, multilingual research, politics, religion, culture, framing strategies
Herendeen, Wyman English Professor English Renaissance, Continental Renaissance, classical tradition
Hernandez, Arturo E Psychology Professor cognitive neuroscience, bilingual language processing, second language acquisition, neural bases of bilingualism
Hernandez, Daphne Health & Human Performance Associate Professor poverty, family structure, food insecurity, food assistance programs, obesity, nutrition and health, stress, social support, depression, cardiovascular health, socio-economically disadvantaged groups, minorities, public health, public policy
Hernandez, Jose A. History Associate Professor Mexican immigration laws, migrants, Mexican Americans
Hill, Sharon Grigsby Communication Sciences and Disorders Instructional Assistant Professor African American vernacular English, ASL English sign language
Hoff, Kevin Psychology Assistant Professor career outcomes, personality, vocational interests, longitudinal data analysis, meta-analysis, workplace technology
Hogue, W Lawrence English Professor American literature, African American literature, minority literatures, postmodern literature, critical theory
Holt, Frank L History Professor Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great, Numismatics, Egyptian Mummies
Horne, Gerald History Professor  race, labor, politics, civil rights, U.S. -Southern African relations
Houk, Keith R Communication Instructional Assistant Professor digital cinematography, media and society, television production
Howard, Philip History Professor Latin American history, Caribbean history
Huang, Yan Communication Assistant Professor persuasion, strategic messaging, digital media campaigns, quantitative research, experimental methods
Ittmann, Karl History Professor modern British history, modern European history, historical demography, British colonial policy, gender issues
Ivey, Michelle L Communication Sciences and Disorders Instructional Associate Professor clinical application and therapy of theoretical perspectives of best practices, autism spectrum disorders
James, Conrad M Modern & Classical Languages Associate Professor Spanish Caribbean literature, visual culture, Afro-Hispanic cultural production, race thinking, politics of movement, diaspora transformations, new world philosopies
Jenke, Elizabeth Political Science Assistant Professor voter behavior, voter attention, mouse-tracking, eye- tracking, experimental methods
Johnson, Kia Communication Sciences and Disorders Associate Professor fluency disorders, developmental stuttering, multicultural considerations for speech disfluencies and stuttering
Johnston, Craig Allen Health & Human Performance Associate Professor behavioral treatment of obesity, school based interventions
Joshi, Ashwini Communication Sciences and Disorders Assistant Professor voice production, disordered voice, neurological systems
Jowett, Garth S Communication Professor history of communications, popular culture, propaganda studies, media in modern society
Juhn, Chinhui Economics Professor labor economics
Kanellos, Nicolas Hispanic Studies Professor Latino cultural history, literary and journalism history and criticism, publishing history
Kanojia, Anjali H Modern & Classical Languages Instructional Assistant Professor India, South Asia, party politics, globalization, health policy, yoga, interactive medicine
Karner, Tracy Xavia Sociology Associate Professor visual and qualitative sociology, sociology of culture, sociology of narrative, sociology of self, community services and program evaluation
Kastely, James L English Professor history of rhetoric, theory of rhetoric
Katz, Sheila Sociology Assistant Professor sociology of gender, sociology of poverty, inequality, social policy, qualitative methodologies, sociology of education, sociology of drugs
Kelley, Larry D. Communication Instructional Associate Professor advertising, public relations, media planning
Kennedy, Ryan P Political Science Associate Professor democracy, democratization, computational social science, deliberation, energy and environment, post communist politics, prediction models
Kleinheider, Julia D Modern & Classical Languages Instructional Associate Professor language acquisition, 19th-20th century German literature, visual media
Klieman, Kairn History Associate Professor pre-colonial history of central Africa, comparative historical linguistics, oil history, energy history, African history, Bantu expansion, nexus politics in Africa, environmental history, African diasporic communities
Knee, Clifford R Psychology Professor implicit theories of relationships, self determination, relationship contingent self esteem
Knoblauch, Mark A Health & Human Performance Clinical Assistant Professor skeletal muscle damage, athletic injury assessment and care, vestibular disorders
Kohlhase, Janet E Economics Professor urban economics, regional economics, environmental economics
Kosten, Therese A Psychology Professor psychobiology, neuroscience, alcoholism
Kwan, Samantha S Sociology Associate Professor research methods, body and health
LaVoy, Emily  Health & Human Performance Assistant Professor immune health, neuroendocrine- immune interactions, neural pathways, immunity, exercise, inflammation related diseases
Layne, Charles S Health & Human Performance Professor human coordination, neuromuscular perspective, locomotion, posture processes, somatosensory input on muscle contraction
Leasure, Jennifer Leigh Psychology Associate Professor exercise-driven neuroplasticity, sex-dependent effects of alcohol on brain and behavior, neural consequences of pediatric radiotherapy, hippocampal neurogenesis
Lecourt, Sebastian J English Assistant Professor 19th century British literature, 19th century Anglophone literature, religion, secularism, world literature, transnational literary studies, literary theory
Ledoux,Tracey A Health & Human Performance Associate Professor eating behavior interventions, obesity, nutrition
Lee,  Jaesub Communication Professor organizational communication, group communication, intercultural communication, business and professional communication, public relations, research methods
Lee, Beom Chan Health & Human Performance Assistant Professor balance and gait rehabilitation science and technology, fall detection and prevention, biofeedback, brain imaging, brain machine interface
Lee, Dong Hun Health & Human Performance Assistant Professor consumer behavior, measurement and branding in sports
Lee, Shayne Sociology Associate Professor religion, cinema studies, culture, gender and sexuality, sociology of science
Lee, Sunbok Psychology Assistant Professor psychometric models, intelligent tutoring system, adaptive learning modules in massive open online courses
Li, Yunzi Modern & Classical Languages Assistant Professor Asian diaspora literature, modern Chinese literature and films, translation, dance
Lindahl, Carl R English Professor folk narrative, American folktale, Cajun folk, Appalachian folk, medieval folklore
Liu, Elaine Meichen Economics Associate Professor development, health economics, behavioral economics, labor
Liu, Wenlin Communication Assistant Professor social network analysis, immigrant community building, multiethnic community building, social media data, big data, interorganizational alliance
Loewenstein, Yael R Philosophy Assistant Professor metaphysics, philosophy of language
Lorence, Jon P Sociology Professor determinants of academic achievement, teacher effectiveness, characteristics of effective schools, educational measurement
Madrid-Morales, Daniel Communication Assistant Professor global communication, public diplomacy, journalism in Africa, journalism in East Asia, China-Africa relations, computational text analysis
Mag Uidhir, Christopher Philosophy Associate Professor philosophy of art, philosophy of aesthetics, metaphysics, philosophy of mind
Maher, Lynn M Communication Sciences and Disorders Professor aphasia, neurogenic communication disorders
Maheshri, Vikram Economics Associate Professor applied microeconomics, urban economics, political economy
Majumder, Auritro English Assistant Professor India, diasporic Indian studies, caste, race, vernacular language bhasha literatures, 19th century realism, 20th century realism, literary theory, intellectual history
Marcinek, Elizabeth Simas Political Science Associate Professor American politics, electoral behavior, political psychology, quantitative methods
Marinov, Nikolay Political Science Associate Professor international relations, quantitative methods, comparative politics
Mariotto, Marco J Psychology Professor clinical assessment and measurement, observational measurement, serious mental illness, decision theory, forensic psychology
Markofski, Melissa Health & Human Performance Assistant Professor exercise, nutrition, muscle function, biomarkers for disease risk, monocytes, inflammation, healthy aging
Massman, Paul J Psychology Associate Professor progression and heterogeneity of neuropsychological deficits in Alzheimer's patients, biomarkers and neuropsychological psychiatric functioning in Alzheimer's
Mazella, David S English Associate Professor 18th century British literature and culture, British Empire, Enlightenment thought, history of rhetoric, literary criticism, critical theory, historical pedagogy, contemporary  pedagogy
McNally, David J History Professor history of capitalism, political economy of capitalism, global capitalism
McNeal, Keith E. Comparative Cultural Studies Associate Professor sociocultural anthropology, comparative religion, ritual studies, performance studies, sexuality and citizenship, globalization, multiculturalism, neoliberalism, political culture, Caribbean ethnology, African diaspora studies, South Asian diaspora studies, visual culture
Medina, Luis D Psychology Assistant Professor cultural neuropsychology, cognitive aging and neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, health disparities
Mehta, Paras D Psychology Associate Professor multilevel structural equations modeling, growth curve modeling, applications of ML-SEM in educational research, applications of ML-SEM in organizational research
Mikics, David English Professor Great books, literature, philosophy, Jewish studies, poetry, novel
Milanesio, Natalia History Associate Professor Peronism, Argentina, Latin America, populism, gender analysis, mass consumption, mass culture, identity formation, history of sexuality
Mills, Monique T Communication Sciences and Disorders Associate Professor African American English, narrative language, school age children, gifted learners, eye tracking, social capital, educational disparities
Mizelle Jr, Richard M. History Associate Professor health, healthcare politics, medical citizenship, environmentalism, medical technology, race, gender, ethnicity in medicine, disease identity
Monroe, William F Dean, Honors College Dean literature and medicine, contemporary American fiction
Monserud, Maria  Sociology Assistant Professor health disparities, health and aging, family inequality, racial and ethnic familities, social demography, quantitative methodology
Murray, Christian Economics Associate Professor time series econometrics, business cycle analysis, international finance
Neighbors, Clayton T Psychology Professor alcohol abuse, substance abuse, social norms and their application to prevention and brief intervention, self determination and susceptibility to social influences, models of intimate partner violences, spiritual and religious influences on behavior and mental health, event specific prevention, social comparison and social identity
Nelson, Antonya English Professor creative writing
Nelson, Steven M Sociology Instructional Associate Professor deviance, social psychology, criminology
Neumann, Kristina M History Assistant Professor ancient foreign policy and theory, eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, Roman archaeology, digital humanities, classical reception
Ng, Vincent Psychology Assistant Professor assessment and development of virtuous character, morality of work and occupations, quantitative methodology
Nguyen, Duy Modern & Classical Languages Assistant Professor critical theory, visual studies, Vietnamese studies, world cinema, world literature
Ni, Lan Communication Associate Professor stakeholder engagement, strategic relationship management, intercultural public relations, global public relations, immigrants, minority groups, identification of publics, segmentation of publics, conflict management
Northup, Temple Communication Associate Professor psychological effects of media, implicit attitudes and memory, attitude change, media consumption, nutritional knowledge
Nygaard, Vegard M Economics Assistant Professor macroeconomics, health economics, public finance
O'Brien, Thomas F History Professor Latin American history, culture, politics, labor
O'Connor, Daniel P Health & Human Performance Professor health related interventions, individual variation in health outcomes, physical activity, health and risk factors, obesity, health and wellness, public health exercise science, movement disorders, physiology
Oliva, Luca Comparative Cultural Studies Instructional Assistant Professor epistemology of mathematics, philosophy of mathematics, Kantian intuitionism and normativity
Oliveira, Luis RG Philosophy Assistant Professor epistemology, ethics, metaethics, philosophy of religion
Olson, Beth M Communication Associate Professor psychological effects of media, sociological effects of media
Olushola Ogunrinde, Joyce Oluwatoyin Health & Human Performance Assistant Professor psychosocial effects of sport participation, minorities, African American communities, sustainable sport, health disparities, social disparities, economic disparities
Paluszynski, Radoslaw Economics Assistant Professor international economics, macroeconomics, information economics
Papell, David H Economics Professor international economics, macroeconomics, time series econometrics
Parikh, Pranav J Health & Human Performance Assistant Professor sensorimotor mechanisms of motor control, neurological disease, therapeutic strategies, sensorimotor function in older adults, motion tracking, kinetic measurements, surface electromyography, transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial direct current stimulation
Park, Yoonjung Health & Human Performance Assistant Professor exercise, physical activity, cardiovascular health, vascular dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, Alzheimers
Parsons, Alexander M English Associate Professor creative writing, contemporary fiction
Patterson, Catherine F History Associate Professor early Modern British, urban history
Pearson, Demetrius W Health & Human Performance Associate Professor sociocultural and historical aspects of sport, African Americans in sport
Perales, Monica History Associate Professor race, gender, labor, Mexican American, borderlands, Texas, public history
Phillips, David K Philosophy Professor ethics, history of ethics
Pope, Rachel E Modern & Classical Languages Instructional Assistant Professor second language acquisition, French poetry, St. Augustine
Porter, Caitlin Psychology Assistant Professor professional networking and social networks, turnover and withdrawal, career management and success, psychological and behavioral assessment
Pott, Scot A Communication Sciences and Disorders Instructional Assistant Professor Cochlear Implants in the D/deaf community, American Sign Language (ASL) Linguistics, ASL as 2nd language
Prufer, Kevin D English Professor poetry, creative writing
Quinn, Rachel Afi Comparative Cultural Studies/Women's, Gender and Sexualtiy Studies Assistant Professor transnational feminist cultural studies, Dominicanidad, African diaspora studies, critical mixed race studies, race, visual culture, female masculinities
Quintanilla, Guadalupe C Hispanic Studies Associate Professor U.S. Hispanic folklore, Hispanic literature, Spanish, Mexican American literature, Hispanic literature
Quiroz, Pamela A Sociology Professor children and youth, identity, education, family, qualitative methods
Ramirez, Marie Theresa Modern & Classical Languages Professor globalization theories, historiography, religious studies, ethnography, narrative, literary criticism, visual studies, Latin American studies, Latino studies, gender studies
Ramos, Raul History Associate Professor historical development of identities, Borderlands, American West, colonization, social formations, migrations, cultural change
Rasmussen, Susan J Comparative Cultural Studies Professor religion, gender, aging and the life cycle, medico rituals, healing specialists, verbal art performance, memory, human rights, Africa, West Africa, North Africa
Rector, Josiah J History Assistant Professor urban environmental history, environmental justice, public history, history of capitalism
Reed, Linda History Associate Professor African American history, Civil Rights Movement, desegregation, women in the South
Rivera Garza, Cristina Hispanic Studies Professor creative writing
Rizvanoghlu, Islam Economics Instructional Assistant Professor macroeconomics, energy economics
Romero, Todd History Associate Professor food, public, early American history
Ross, Byron L Communication Sciences and Disorders Instructional Associate Professor autism spectrum disorders, Asperger syndrome, assessment and intervention, augmentative communication, alternative communication
Rothman, Irving N English Professor 18th century British literature, bibliography, Nobel prize in literature
Rottinghaus, Brandon J Political Science Professor Presidency, Texas politics, public opinion, political communication, executive legislative relations, political scandal
Ruisanchez, Jose Ramon Hispanic Studies Associate Professor 19th century Mexican narrative, 20th century Latin American poetry, 21st century Latin American poetry, critical theory
San Miguel Jr, Guadalupe History Professor U.S. history, Mexican American education, ethnicity, religion and politics, Latino activism, school reform, Tejano music, Latino music and dance
Savage, Scott  Sociology Associate Professor social psychology, small group behavior, sociology of work, sociology of professions, sociology of organizations, organizational inequality, social networks
Scarrow, Susan E Political Science Professor European politics, comparative politics, comparative parties, elections
Schafer Jr, James A History Associate Professor history of American medicine, American science, health care
Scott, Claudia W Health & Human Performance Clinical Associate Professor health and nutrition, obesity, diabetes
Serpas, Martha R English Professor poetry, creative writing
Sharp, Carla Psychology Professor developmental psychopathology, social cognition, personality pathology, attachment related disorders, measure development of diagnostic tools, social-cognitive interventions
Shea, Patrick Political Science Assistant Professor international relations, international political economy, conflict processes
Shepley, Nathan English Associate Professor composition history, historiography, place conscious theory of writing, ecological theory of writing, composition pedagogy, neosophistic rhetorical theory
Shor, Boris Political Science Assistant Professor American politics, health care, policy reform, state politics
Singh, Kavita Ashana English Assistant Professor Caribbean literature, literary analysis, cultural studies, performance and translation theory, critical race theory, postcolonial studies
Sisk, Christina L Hispanic Studies Associate Professor U.S. Latino/Latina studies, U.S.- Mexico border studies, contemporary Mexican literature and culture, Latin American cinema
Snediker, Michael English Associate Professor American literature, transcendentalism, Henry James, modernism, poetics, queer theory, disability theory, aesthetics
Solino, Maria E Hispanic Studies Professor 18th-21st century Spanish literature, Spanish film, literature and visual arts, Spanish cultural studies, women's studies, Sephardic studies
Sommers, Tamler S Philosophy Associate Professor ethics, moral psychology, free will, moral responsibility
Sorensen, Bent E Economics Professor macroeconomics, econometrics
Spitzmueller, Christiane Psychology Professor technical training, workforce nationalization, work-family research, employee and patient safety, employee engagement, organizational surveys
Steinberg, Lynne Psychology Associate Professor psychometric methods of item response theory, processes underlying responses to self report questions, context effects in personality measurement, development and validation of new instruments for personality, social psychology, clinical psychology
Stock, Lorraine K English Professor medieval studies, middle English, old French, Chaucer, Arthurian romance, 14th century British literature, 15th century British literature, medieval Wild People, the Green Man, The Sheelan na Gig, the Female Other, medieval women writers, female warriors, Robin Hood, King Arthur
Storey, Rebecca Comparative Cultural Studies Professor bioarchaeology, Teotihuacan, Maya, Mesoamerica, health and paleodemography
Szabo, Andrea Economics Associate Professor industrial organization, development economics
Takriti, Abdel  History Associate Professor Arab history, Palestinian Revolution, global history, historiography
Tamber-Rosenau, Benjamin J Psychology Assistant Professor cognitive and neural bases of human cognition, eye tracking, behavioral measures of response time and accuracy, computational modeling, transcranial direct current stimulation of the brain, multivariate/multivoxel pattern analysis, functional magnetic resonance imaging, attention, working memory, capacity limits
Tamber-Rosenau, Caryn M Modern & Classical Languages Instructional Assistant Professor Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, early Jewish history, Second Temple Judaism, women and gender in the Hebrew bible, postbiblical literature, feminist readings of the Bible, queer readings of the Bible, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, early Jewish interpretations of Scripture
Tedin, Kent L Political Science Professor public opinion, survey research methods, statistics, political socialization
Tejada, Roberto J English Professor Literature, art history, and cultural poetics of the Americas; modern and contemporary poetry in translation; U.S.-Mexico borderlands, and Latinx interdisciplinary studies
Thiessen, Amber L Communication Sciences and Disorders Assistant Professor augmentative and alternative communication, neurological disorders, aphasia, traumatic brain injury
Thornton, Rebecca A Economics Instructional Associate Professor macroeconomics, economic growth
Thrasher, Timothy  Health & Human Performance Associate Professor neuromuscular physiology, motor learning, biomechanics, gait analysis, electrical stimulation of paralyzed muscles, rehabilitation engineering, pathological locomotion
Tiede, Lydia B Political Science Associate Professor judicial politics, comparative courts, law, judicial reform, legal reform, Rule of law in developing nations, human rights, Latin America, Eastern Europe
Tillery, Tyrone History Associate Professor U.S. history, African American history, Civil Rights history
Tillis, Antonio D Dean Liberal Arts & Social Sci Dean Latin American literature, Afro-Latin American studies, African diaspora studies, Afro-Hispanic literature, Afro-Brazil, Afro- Colombia, Afro-Cuba
Tinsley, Priscilla T Communication Instructional Assistant Professor media relations, marketing, community relations, crisis management, strategic communication
Tiwari, Bhavya Modern & Classical Languages Assistant Professor global modernisms, world literature, comparative literature, global south, translation studies, poetry, postcolonial literature, women and gender studies, language pedagogy
Tolliver, Cedric English Associate Professor African American literature, African American culture, Francophone studies, literary theory, cultures of modernity, labor, race, gender, culture and society
Tolliver, Julie F Modern & Classical Languages Assistant Professor 20th century francophone literature, francophone culture, post colonial studies, francophone cinema, gender studies
Tucci, Nina S Modern & Classical Languages Associate Professor 20th century French literature, Shamanic sacred ritual, Jung's depth psychology
Turchi, Peter D English Professor creative writing
Ujhelyi, Gergely Economics Associate Professor public economics, political economy, applied theory, development economics
Vardeman, Jennifer E Communication Associate Professor public relations campaigns, risk communication, crisis communication, public health, health care, multicultural feminist research
Vaughn, Sally N History Professor Medieval history, world civilizations
Ventura, Gabriela Baeza Hispanic Studies Associate Professor Hispanic literature, Mexican American literature
Viana, Andres G Psychology Associate Professor risk and maintenance factors for childhood anxiety disorders, trauma, parenting and family processes, experimental psychopathology
Vincent, John P Psychology Professor forensic psychology, assessment of psychological functioning in civil litigation, methodological issues in forensic evaluations, posttraumatic and acute stress disorders, families of divorce, marital therapy, family therapy
Vollrath, Dietrich E Economics Professor economic growth, macroeconomics, population economics, agricultural economics
Voskuil, Lynn M English Associate Professor Victorian literature and culture, empire studies, gender studies, environmental studies
Vujanovic, Anka Psychology Associate Professor etiological and maintenance processes relevant to PTSD, clinical correlates of trauma and PTSD, biopsychosocial mechanisms underlying co-occurring posttraumatic stress and substance use disorders, treatment development for PTSD
Walker-Obasi, Rheeda  Psychology Associate Professor black and African American mental health, psychological correlates of suicide, race related stress and discrimination, religiosity, spirituality, culturally informed coping
Walsh, David W Health & Human Performance Clinical Assistant Professor development through sport, development of sport, experiential learning in the sport setting, sport programs as marketing brand extensions
Walther, Eric H History Professor U.S. History, Antebellum South, Civil War
Wang, Fan Economics Assistant Professor development economics, financial development, health economics
Wang, Wei Modern & Classical Languages Assistant Professor Chinese linguistics, conversation analysis, discourse grammar, second language pragmatics, language pedagogy
Weiher, Gregory Political Science Professor Urban politics, state politics, policy analysis, statistics, politics of education
Weisberg, Joshua Philosophy Associate Professor philosophy of mind, cognitive science
Wen, Xiaohong Sharon Modern & Classical Languages Professor Chinese, psycholinguistics, second language, L2 acquisition, language motivation, heritage language learners
Widmer, Randolph J Comparative Cultural Studies Associate Professor Mesoamerica, Southeastern United States, archaeology, culture ecology, development of sociopolitical complexity, craft specialization, coastal adaptation
Williams, Michael W Psychology Assistant Professor clinical neuropsychology, rehabilitation neuropsychology, functional outcomes/recovery, traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury
Wingard, Jennifer L English Associate Professor 20th century rhetorical theory, transnational feminist theory, cultural studies, materialist theory of teaching English
Wintersteen, Kristin A History Assistant Professor environmental history, oceans, water, maritime world, fisheries industrialization, food systems, Gulf Coast, Pacific Coast of the Americas
Witt, Lawrence A Psychology Professor strategy culture alignment, customer service, social and political skill, work performance, personality, employee selection, organizational politics and support, work family interface
Wood, Barry Albert English Associate Professor American literature, environmental studies, big history
Woods, Steven P Psychology Professor clinical and cognitive neuropsychology, health related everyday functioning, HIV disease, aging, prospective memory
Xiao, Zhiwen Communication Associate Professor health behavior change, health literacy, health communication
Yamasaki, Jill S Communication Associate Professor narrative theory and analysis, health communication, communication and aging, aging in community, interpretive inquiry, participatory methods
Yang, Sunny Chen English Assistant Professor American and multiethnic American literature, Asian American literature, U.S. empire, critical race theory, law and literature
Yellen, Joshua B Health & Human Performance Clinical Assistant Professor athletic training education and leadership behavior
Yi, Kei-Mu Economics Professor international economics, macroeconomics
Yoshida, Hanako Psychology Associate Professor language and cognitive development
Young, Nancy Beck History Professor 20th century American politics, history of liberalism, history of conservatism, public policy, political institutions, Congress, the presidency, electoral politics, Texas political history, first ladies, women's history
Yuksel Muslu, Emire Cihan History Associate Professor Ottoman history, early modern Muslim powers, Mediterranean history, diplomacy, sovereignty, imperial transitions, Islamic history
Zamora, Lois English Professor magical realism, contemporary U.S. fiction, contemporary Latin American fiction, New World Baroque in art and literature, Mexican literature and culture
Zaretsky, Robert D Modern & Classical Languages Professor French history
Zarnow, Leandra History Assistant Professor gender, sexuality, class, race, law, public policy, media representation, political culture, U.S. women's history, U.S. politics
Zderic, Theodore W Health & Human Performance Research Assistant Professor exercise, diabetes
Zentz, Lauren R English Associate Professor globalization, language policy, language education, global English, language ideologies, language and identity, communicative competence
Zhang, Jing Modern & Classical Languages Instructional Assistant Professor CSL (Chinese as a Second Language), Chinese culture
Zhivan, Natalia A. Economics Instructional Assistant Professor health economics, aging, applied econometrics
Zhu, Ling Political Science Associate Professor public administration, public policy, race politics, ethnic politics, public health
Zubiate, Maria  Hispanic Studies Instructional Assistant Professor U.S. Latino literature, Mexican literature, Latin American literature, Latino communities, education, labor, immigration, transnational relationships, global interactions
Zvolensky, Michael J Psychology Professor comorbidity of emotional disorders with substance use disorders, community friendly treatment development work, health inequalities in psychopathology and addictive behaviors, transdiagnostic processes underlying emotional disorder-substance used disorder comorbidity
Zwald, Zachary J Political Science Instructional Assistant Professor international relations theory, international security, psychological decision making, science, technology and policy