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Nominations now open for Ross M. Lence Awards for Teaching Excellence

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) invites you — members of the faculty, current students, alumni and friends of the college — to nominate a faculty member for this year's Teaching Excellence Awards, named in memory of our former colleague Ross M. Lence, one of the University of Houston's best teachers. This year, three awards will be presented to CLASS faculty members deemed worthy of recognition. There will be one award for teaching in each of three categories: Visual/Performing Arts; Social Sciences; and Humanities. The category is NOT based on the nominee's department. Nominees must indicate the teaching category based on the kind of teaching they do. Nominations are valid for two years for those not selected in the first year of their nomination. Faculty nominated in the spring of 2010 may update their files, or withdraw their names from consideration by notifying me. Winners will receive a $3,000 bonus.

The deadline for nominations is at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 8.

The eligibility criteria for this year's award are:

  1. The recipient must be in at least the third year of full-time faculty service in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.
  2. The award is for undergraduate and/or graduate teaching excellence over a period of years and not for one year's performance alone.
  3. Previous winners, members of the selection committee, and deans are ineligible.

Anyone may nominate a CLASS faculty member for the award. Nomination forms are available in the Dean's office (402-AH), the administrative offices of all departments, schools, and programs in the college and on the CLASS website: The nomination form and supporting materials must be turned in to the Dean's office (402-AH) no later than 5 p.m., 8 March 2011.

The nomination must include the following materials assembled in a 1' ring binder:

  1. Nomination form.
  2. Cover Sheet from the nominee indicating the teaching category. This sheet must be signed by the nominee's Chair or Director.
  3. Nominee's current vita.
  4. A personal essay on teaching (no more than 3 pages) from the nominee, along with any related supporting material (list of courses taught, course syllabi, any special projects or activities).
  5. At least three but no more than five letters of recommendation from students, colleagues, alumni-- no more than two from any one group.
  6. Student teaching evaluations from the last 2 years.

The selection committee will evaluate the teaching excellence of each nominee as demonstrated by these materials and determine the recipients of this year's award. Its decision is final.

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