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UH Experts Available to Discuss Protests, Change in the Middle East

For weeks, protestors in Egypt and the Middle East have flooded the streets calling for change. Please consider these University of Houston experts available for comment when planning coverage of these historic events. UH experts can approach the issues surrounding these events from a variety of angles, including: the modern Middle East, state and society in the Middle East, women and Islam, the global oil business, religious studies, democratization and oil politics.

Society in the Modern Middle East

Professor Dina Alsowayel teaches history of the Modern Middle East, State and Society in the Middle East, Women and Islam, A History of Islam, War in the Middle East and a History of the Palestine-Israeli Conflict. She also takes students to the Arab and Muslim world annually. She can be reached at 832-526-8954.

Religious Impact of Change

Professor Lynn Mitchell is director of the Religious Studies Program. He can address the political and religious impact of a change in leadership in Egypt. Reach him at 713-743-3213 or

Democratization in the Middle East

Political science professor Ryan Kennedy is available to discuss events in the Middle East from the political perspective. His teaching interests include democratization and oil politics. Kennedy can be reached at

Faith and The Protests

M. Sait Yavuz is the director of academic affairs at the the UH Gulen Institute, in the UH Graduate College of Social Work. Yavuz can be reached at

—Travis Coggins