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American Cultures Program

The American Culture Program offers University of Houston students an exciting and innovative alternative to traditional undergraduate minors. It is:


Drawing on faculty from more than a dozen departments and schools, the American Cultures Program combines the methods and perspectives of anthropology, art, communication, economics, history, literature, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology.


American Cultures is broadly inclusive. It gives serious attention not merely to socially, economically, and culturally-dominant individuals, but to the values, problems, and achievements of women, ethnic minorities, and others whose contributions have been ignored and undervalued.

The program pays particular attention to issues of class, gender, racial, sexuality, ethnic, and national identity.


Comparative and transnational in outlook, American Cultures cuts across national borders and treats the Americas as an interdependent region.

Our courses critically analyze colonialism, migration, nationalism, post-colonial struggles, and the Western Hemisphere's literary and artistic traditions.


The American Cultures Program is committed to high-quality and innovative teaching. Our faculty are encouraged to team teach, to offer seminars, and use new technologies in their courses. Above all, our program seeks to build a community that transcends traditional department and disciplinary boundaries.

We want to create a forum where students and faculty from a wide variety of backgrounds can come together to explore the forces that divide us as well as those that unite us.


Director: Matthew Clavin | email | 713-743-3109 | RM 561 AH

To declare minor, see Sandra Wages | email | RM 525 AH