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Curriculum for M.A. in Sport and Fitness Administration

To obtain a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Sport and Fitness Administration, students must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours and successfully complete the Master of Arts Comprehensive Examination with a passing evaluation.  The program of study will be comprised of the following core areas and program area emphasis courses:

  • Comprehensive Examination Content Courses (12 semester hours)
  • Program Emphasis Courses (15 semester hours)
  • Approved Electives (9 semester hours)

*Students opting for a thesis option (instead of taking the M.A. Comprehensive Exam) will follow a similar program of study, but may be required to take two additional research oriented courses to facilitate their study. Additional research technique courses for the thesis option are available on this webpage (click here for more information on courses required for the M.A. Thesis-Based Option).

Comprehensive Examination Content Courses (12 hours)

Program Emphasis Courses (15 hours)

Approved Electives (9 hours)

Courses not taken above may also be used to satisfy elective requirements.

  • FIN 6387 - Managerial Analysis
  • HRMA 6355 - Event Administration
  • MANA 6332 - Organizational Behavior
  • MANA 7332 - Effective Negotiating
  • MARK 6361 - Marketing Administration
  • MANA 7336 – Human Resource Management
  • MANA 7338 – Org Power Politics & Culture
  • MANA 7339 – Leadership Development  
  • MANA 7356 – Diversity Management
  • COMM 7397 – Social Media and Change
  • COMM 6309 – Propaganda
  • COMM 6371 – Public Relations Theory
  • COMM 7397 – Current Issues in Advertising

Above Electives are examples of course that have been previously approved. Please see advisor for more information on elective selection.