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Comprehensive Examination

A comprehensive examination is required for all students seeking the Master of Arts in Sport and Fitness Administration degree, except for those planning on completing a research-based thesis. Upon approval by the student’s faculty advisor, the comprehensive examination may be taken at any time after eighteen hours of required coursework is completed. A student must be enrolled in coursework during the semester in which the examination is to be taken.

The comprehensive examination is comprised of four questions derived from the course content in the following areas:

  • PEP 6305 – Measurement in Health and Physical Education
  • PEP 6321 – Sport in Contemporary Society
  • PEP 7306 – Administrative Principles of Sport and Exercise Programs
  • PEP 7307 – Implementing Legal Strategies in Sport and Fitness Programs

The student must satisfactorily pass the comprehensive examination with a grade of 75% before the Master of Arts in Sport and Fitness Administration degree is awarded. Please see our standard operating procedures for more information regarding the administration of the comprehensive exam.