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Summer is a great time to Discover the Magic. The USLHC summer programs provide opportunities for children to maintain and grow their communication skills during the summer break.

Cougar Communication Groups: Discover the Magic

These intensive summer therapy groups are for children ages 18 months (about one and a half years) and older. They are designed to improve speech and language skills and maintain progress made during the school year. Our summer program features adjusted tuition for families with lower incomes, small groups with a ratio of 1 clinician to 2 children, and fun activities. Groups focus on a specific disorder area, such as language, articulation/ phonology, social skills, fluency, and voice skills. These groups are especially appropriate for children who do not receive public school services during the summer. 

Click here for the CCG (Cougar Communication Groups) 2021 flyer

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Sound Wizards

Sound Wizards is an intensive telepractice speech sound specialty clinic for upper elementary and middle-school-aged children working on their /r/ and /s/ sounds. This clinic offers an intense focus solely on these sounds in drill practice, conversation, and group activities. This program is provided via telepractice using a Zoom for Healthcare platform. 

Click here for the Sound Wizards flyer

Reading Wizards

Reading Wizards is a specialty clinic offered for school-aged clients to focus on developing and strengthening literacy skills. Reading is a continuously developing skill and requires a different focus depending on the client's age and needs. This program is provided via telepractice using a Zoom for Healthcare platform. 

Click here for the Reading Wizards flyer.


SwIFT: Swallowing Intervention/Feeding Therapy

The Swallowing Intervention/Feeding Therapy Clinic (SwIFT) offers dysphagia assessment, education, and intervention for children, adults, and caregivers. Our program focuses on providing evidence-based treatment to individuals with feeding and swallowing difficulties. Our goal is to serve as a resource in our community for education on swallowing dysfunction, guidance on diet recommendations, and completion of compensatory and restorative treatment. 

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Appointments for Summer Programs/Clinics

Email or call 713-743-0915

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