Financial Services - University of Houston
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Accounting Services - Consists of the following departments:

Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable handles all voucher payments to vendors and employee reimbursements as well as P-Card and Travel card programs. Records Retention is also part of Accounts Payable.

The University's Budget Office provides training, budgeting guides and posts the annual plan and budget for the university. Budget-related forms and planning and budgeting guides are also available.

Business Services
Business Services is dedicated to assisting with inquiries related to the financial, administrative and human resources functions of the operation. This section of the website is dedicated to sharing helpful information and resources with our colleagues including policies, procedures and contract guidelines. Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting
Finance System Operations – Manages daily operations involving the Finance system including maintenance, approvals, nightly and closing processes. They also maintain the Finance website.

Financial Reporting
Reports includes HUB and State reports for current and previous fiscal years.

HUB Operations
Identifies and encourages Historically Underutilized Businesses to participate in the competitive bid process with the objective of increasing the number of contracts and subcontracts awarded to HUB vendors.

Payroll Services
The University of Houston Payroll office mission is to ensure all faculty, staff and students are provided with the highest level of customer service, while all employees are paid accurately,  timely, in adherence to the federal, state and university regulations and policies.

Purchasing reviews and approves purchases by university departments. They also handle bids, procurements and HUB-related activities.

State Accounting
The State Accounting department monitors the accounting transactions for the state appropriations provided to UH and UHS to ensure that adequate and appropriate accounting and processing controls are in place.

Student Financial Services
Office of Student Financial Services, also known as the Bursar's Office, is responsible for the billing of tuition and fees for admitted students.

The Tax department prepares and issues tax documents for the university, and reviews and approves all voucher involving tax consideration

Treasury provides information regarding university investments, disclosures and debt reports and policies.

Vendor Information
Provides information necessary to the vending businesses which serve the university community.