Meet the A&F Ambassador Team - University of Houston
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Meet the Team




Sai Sruthi Mutyala

Class of 2024
Hometown: Vizag, India
Major: Masters in Business Analytics
Campus Involvement: A&F Student Ambassador, V.P of Marketing club in BMBAS  Email:





Ashley Vanderpuil

       Class of 2024
       Hometown: California, SanDiego
       Major: Accounting
       Campus Involvement: HBSA, ELASP And TBUBS




Kim Sun Yun

Class of 2025
Hometown: Seoul,Korea
Major: Finance/Accounting
Campus Involvement: A&F Student Ambassador




Rhozalin Nath 

Class of 2025
Hometown: Odisha, India
Majors: Computer Information Systems
Fun Fact: I have been playing violin for 11 years now and can speak three languages.
Email: rnath2@CougarNet.UH.EDU 


Nida Shami 

Class of 2023
Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan
Majors: Accounting
Fun Fact: I can speak two languages and I love to cook!


Thuan Ngo 

Class of 2023
Hometown: Vietnam
Majors: Supply Chain Management
Minor: Management Information System
Campus Involvement:
Sourcing & Procurement Organization, A&F Student Ambassador 
Fun Fact:

Our Past Team Members

  • Denis Lima-Benites

    Class of 2023 
    Majors: Finance, Management Information Systems, and Construction Management

  • Joel John

    Class of 2023
    Majors: Accounting and Finance

  • Quang (William) Vo

    Class of 2021
    Major: Mechanical Engineering

  • Temperance Joseph

    Class of 2022
    Majors: Nutrition and Food Science
    Minor: Management Information Systems

  • Kendall Castro 

    Class of 2023
    Major: Accounting

  • Hoa Nguyen

    Class of 2025
    Major: Pharmacy
  • Hailey-Huong Phan

    Class of 2023
    Major: Accounting
  • Kimberly Perez

    Class of 2021
    Majors:  Technology Leadership & Innovation Management

  • Ramya Hemant

    Class of 2021
    Major: Technology Project Management
  • Zachary Fulce

    Zachary Fulce

    Class of 2021
    Majors: Accounting and Management Information Systems
  • Cally Nash

    Cally Nash

    Class of 2021
    Majors: Psychology at CLASS
  • Rahul Chauhan

    Rahul Chauhan

    Class of 2021
    Major: Computer Science
  • Seemona Ahmed

    Seemona Ahmed

    Class of 2021
    Major: BBA in Supply Chain Management
  • Hima Vadakekara

    Hima Vadakekara

    Class of 2022
    Major: BS in Computer Science
  • Bao Tang

    Bao Tang

    Class of 2022
    Majors:  Accounting and Finance
  • Sankalp Mogulothu

    Sankalp Mogulothu

    Class of 2020
    Major: Masters of Computer Science
  • Shikhar Giri

    Shikhar Giri

    Class of 2020
    Majors: Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics