Human Resources Development Major

Human Resources and Development (HRD)

The Human Resources Development program is designed to enable program graduates to 1) facilitate sustainable change in diverse organizations and to 2) create individual and organizational transformations through training, and career development. Students examine e-learning tools, adult learning theories, instructional strategies, and facilitation and evaluation techniques. Students completing the program will understand instructional design strategies, their application, and appropriate evaluation procedures.


University Core Curriculum

42 Semester Hours

For information on the University Core, please see the Academic Regulations section of this catalog.

Please note that some majors have specific requirements in the core curriculum. Refer to the specific degree plans in this catalog for those requirements.

Human Resources Development Major Requirements

DIGM 2350. Graphics for Digital Media

HDCS 3300. Organizational Decisions in Technology

HDCS 4300. Research Concepts in Human Development and Consumer Sciences

HDCS 4386. Communication Strategies for Merchandising and Industrial Distribution


HRD 3303. Measuring Performance Outcomes

HRD 3310. Introduction to Career Development and Planning

HRD 3350. Global Human Resource Development

HRD 4340. Introduction to Training and Development

HRD 4344. Technology Applications in Human Resources Development

HRD 4346. Needs Assessment in Human Resource Development

HRD 4351. Instructional Strategies and Design for Human Resource Development

HRD 4396. Internship in Human Resource Development

TECH 3365. Applications of Discrete Methods in Technology

TELS 3345. Human Resources in Technology

Major GPA is calculated based on courses listed in major requirement and approved area of specialization.

Professional Studies Area of Specialization:

Professional Studies Specialization
Approved course work (15 semester hours) or Minor
See faculty advisor for approval of a 15 hour content block that addresses your career goals.

College Requirements and University Core


(6 semester hours which includes university core)

ENGL 1303.First Year Writing I
ENGL 1304.First Year Writing II

Writing in the Disciplines

(3 semester hours which includes university core)

HDCS 1300.Human Ecosystems and Technological Change

History & Government

(12 semester hours which includes university core)

HIST 1377. The United States to 1877
HIST 1378. The United States Since 1877
POLS 1336. U.S. and Texas Constitutions and Politics
POLS 1337. U.S. Government: Congress, President, and Courts


(3 semester hours which includes university core - choose from approved list)

Visual & Performing Arts

(3 semester hours which includes university core - choose from approve list)

Social and Behavioral Sciences

(3 semester hours which includes university core)

PSYC 1300. Introduction to Psychology

Natural Sciences

(6 semester hours which includes university core - choose from approved list)


(12 semester hours which includes university core)
     MATH 1310. College Algebra
     TMTH 3360. Applied Technical Statistics
     Six semester hours of Math Reasoning/Formal Science
     selected from core approved list

Program Requirements:

Computer Literacy

     ITEC 1301. Introduction to Computer Application Technology

Electives: 12 SH minimum (or minor)

    Electives or minor must be from approved technical area for students pursuing Technology Entrepreneurship specializations.


Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science
Major: Human Resources Development

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