Mechanical Engineering Technology Major

Reflecting the broad area represented by the Mechanical Engineering Technology field, the program provides students with a solid foundation in basic engineering technology principles while allowing them to pursue cutting edge topics via senior level electives. This program includes courses that are directed at computer-aided manufacturing, energy systems, biomechanics, materials selection and management. The majority of the courses incorporate labs, focused on applied mechanical design concepts.

The goal of the Mechanical Engineering Technology major is to provide students with a well-rounded fundamental and application-oriented education focused on the knowledge of existing and new developments in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Graduates of the baccalaureate degree will develop the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills necessary for appropriate careers in local and national industries. To achieve this mission, the Mechanical Engineering Technology program is committed to attaining the following goals for all students:

  • Provide a career-oriented program that prepares students for productive employment.
  • Emphasize the latest technological advancements in computer-aided drafting, computer-aided design, and computer-aided manufacturing. Students should be able to apply problem-solving techniques and critical thinking skills at the level required for their professional practice.
  • Provide a learning environment that will enable students to interact with state-of-the-art technological equipment and software. Students should gain experience in the application of computer software to analyze and design mechanical systems and automated manufacturing systems.
  • Prepare students to pursue graduate degrees and life-long education.

The programs are designed to satisfy the educational needs of the urban Houston community by providing a climate that fosters self-awareness, personal growth, and a desire for lifelong learning.

Students pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering Technology must complete the following requirements, in addition to university core and general college requirements.

Mechanical Engineering Technology Major Requirements

MECT 1330. Engineering Graphics
MECT 1364. Materials and Processes I
MECT 2354. Introduction to Mechanics
MECT 3318, 3118. Fluid Mechanics Applications, Laboratory
MECT 3331. Applied Thermodynamics
MECT 3341. Computer-Aided Drafting I
MECT 3342. Elements of Plant Design
MECT 3355, 3155. Strength of Materials, Laboratory
MECT 3358. Dynamics of Mechanisms
MECT 3360. Automated Manufacturing Systems
MECT 3365. Computer-Aided Design I
MECT 3367. Quality Control Technology
MECT 4188. Ethics in Engineering Technology
MECT 4372, 4172. Materials Technology, Laboratory
MECT 4275, 4276. Senior Design Project I, Senior Design Project II
Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Electives (12 SH)
MECT 3362. Industrial Work Measurement
MECT 4323. Applications in Stress Analysis
MECT 4341. Materials Selection and Management
MECT 4350. Principles in Mechatronics
MECT 4360. Fundamentals of Biomechanics
MECT 4365. Computer-Aided Design II
MECT 4384. Manufacturing Systems Control
3 SH Mechanical Elective
Petroleum Technology Electives (12 SH)
MECT 4326. Fundamentals of Offshore Systems
MECT 4328. Fundamentals of Pipeline Design
MECT 4330. Valve Design
MECT 4332. Fundamentals of Drilling Technology
MECT 4337. Downhole Drilling Tools and Technology
3 SH Mechanical Elective

Major GPA calculated on the major requirements and approved electives.

Program Requirements and University Core

(6 semester hours which includes university core)
ENGL 1303. First Year Writing I
ENGL 1304. First Year Writing II
Writing in the Discipline
(3 semester hours which includes university core)
TELS 3363. Technical Communications
US History/American Government
(12 semester hours which includes university core)
HIST 1377. The United States to 1877
HIST 1379. The United States Since 1877
POLS 1336. U.S. and Texas Constitutions and Politics
POLS 1337. U.S. Government: Congress, President, and Courts
(3 semester hours which includes university core)
Visual & Performing Arts
(3 semester hours which includes university core)
Choose from approved list
Social Sciences (3 semester hours)
TECH 1313. Impact of Modern Technology on Society (preferred)
Math (11 semester hours which includes university core)
Students are required to have credit for MATH 1310, College Algebra, through the Math Placement Exam, CLEP, or completion of the course.
MATH 1330. Precalculus
MATH 1431. Calculus I
MATH 1432. Calculus II
Natural Sciences (8 semester hours which includes university core)
PHYS 1301, 1101. Introductory General Physics I, Laboratory
PHYS 1302, 1102. Introductory General Physics II, Laboratory
General Technology Requirements
CHEM 1301, 1101. Foundations of Chemistry I, Laboratory
ELET 2307. Electrical Electronic Circuits
TELS 3340. Organizational Leadership and Supervision or HDCS 3300. Organizational Decisions in Technology
COSC 1304. C Programming or ELET 2300 Introduction to C++ Programming.
Free electives (3 semester  hours)

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

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