Construction Management Major

The program offers two curricula: one desirable for Process and Industrial Construction and the other for Commercial Construction. Each provides a balanced mix of construction, engineering and business skills.

The objective of the Construction Management program is to provide graduates with knowledge and skills that are valued and sought by the construction industry profession. Commercial, industrial, and highway/heavy sectors of the construction industry need entry-level professional employees who are knowledgeable and skilled. Graduates must have knowledge of construction materials and methods, structural systems, soils site development, business, and contract administration; and have skills for planning, estimating, scheduling, and evaluating project performance. The curriculum provides fundamental and advanced coursework that incorporate current standards and technology for managing and providing quality construction. Software is applied in curriculum courses to prepare students for the utilization of computer applications in construction management.

Our Construction Management graduates should have knowledge and problem-solving skills to perform the following tasks:

  1. Determine costs for construction projects, and evaluate cost performance;
  2. Interpret construction documents and standards;
  3. Apply time value of money concepts for evaluation of alternatives;
  4. Prepare project schedules;
  5. Apply engineering design concepts for site development (soils and foundations, water distribution, waste-water collection, and storm-water drainage); and
  6. Perform general managerial functions.

The program is committed to attaining the following goals:

  • Provide a career-oriented program that prepares students for productive and professional employment in the construction industry.
  • Emphasis inclusion of recent technological advancements in construction management.
  • Prepare graduates to pursue graduate degrees and life-long learning. Provide students with an opportunity to prepare for entry into the graduate Construction Management program.

At the Masters level, students will receive advanced education, preparing them to be construction management leaders in industry or faculty members in academia. For more information on the graduate program, please refer to the Graduate and Professional Studies catalog.

Students pursuing a major in Construction Management must complete the following requirements in addition to the university core and general college requirements. Majors in Construction Management may use no grade below C- in junior and senior level courses to satisfy major degree requirements.

Construction Management Major Requirements

CNST 1361. Construction Management I
CNST 2351. Construction Estimating I
CNST 3185. Construction Experience
CNST 3301. Construction Equipment and Methods
CNST 3331. Construction Planning and Scheduling
CNST 3355. Strength of Construction Materials
CNST 3155. Construction Materials and Testing Lab
CNST 3372. Soil Mechanics and Foundations
CNST 4265. Construction Layout and Site Development
CNST 4302. Construction Law and Ethics
Students must choose either the Commercial Construction Track or the Process and Industrial Track.
Commercial Construction Track
CNST 1301. Construction Materials and Methods
CNST 1330. Graphics I
CNST 2321. Mechanical and Electrical Systems
CNST 2341. Construction Documents
CNST 3205. Construction Safety Management
CNST 3351. Construction Estimating II
CNST 4311. Structural Steel and Timber Construction
CNST 4331. Construction Management II
CNST 4341. Project Controls
CNST 4381. Reinforced Concrete and Building Codes
Process and Industrial Track
CNST 1315. Project Drawings and Graphics
CNST 1325. Process and Industrial Construction
CNST 2325. Process and Industrial Subsystems
CNST 2345. Contract Documents for Capital Projects
CNST 3210. Safety for Industrial Projects
CNST 3365. Cost Estimating for Capital Projects
CNST 4315. Steel Construction
CNST 4335. Capital Projects Development
CNST 4345. Reinforced Concrete Structures
CNST 4385. Field Operations for Capital Projects

GPA for major will be calculated on the major requirements including the Commercial Construction or the Process and Industrial Track.

College Requirements and University Core

(6 semester hours which includes university core)
ENGL 1303. First Year Writing I
ENGL 1304. First Year Writing II
Writing in the Discipline
(3 semester hours which includes university core)
GENB 4350. Business Law and Ethics
US History/American Government
(12 semester hours which includes university core)
HIST 1377. The United States to 1877
HIST 1379. The United States Since 1877
POLS 1336. U.S. and Texas Constitutions and Politics
POLS 1337. U.S. Government: Congress, President, and Courts
(3 semester hours which includes university core)
Visual & Performing Arts
(3 semester hours which includes university core)
Choose from approved list

(10 semester hours which includes university core)

Students are required to have credit for College Algebra through Math Placement Exam, CLEP, or have taken MATH 1310.

MATH 1313. Finite Mathematics with Applications
MATH 1330. Precalculus
MATH 1431. Calculus I
Natural Sciences

(8 semester hours which includes university core)

PHYS 1301, 1101. Introductory General Physics I & Laboratory
PHYS 1302, 1102. Introductory General Physics II & Laboratory or GEOL 1330, 1130. Physical Geology & Laboratory
Social/Behavioral Sciences
(3 semester hours which includes university core)
ECON 2304. Microeconomic Principles or ECON 2305. Macroeconomic Principles

Program Requirements

(12 SH)
ACCT 2331. Accounting Principles I - Financial
ACCT 2332. Accounting Principles II - Managerial
COMM 1332. Fundamentals of Public Speaking
TELS 3363. Technical Communication
Approved Business Electives:
(Choose 6 SH)
MANA 3335. Introduction to Organizational Behavior and Management
MARK 3336. Elements of Marketing Administration
FINA 3332. Principles of Financial Management
SCM 3301. Service and Manufacturing Operations

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science
Major: Construction Management

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This Page Last Updated: June 28, 2012