Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Major

Supply Chain and Logistics Technology is a technically-based program using information technology to optimize the global flow of industrial goods and services from manufacturer to industrial user. Supply Chain and Logistics Technology focuses on the international supply chain from the source of raw material through the final consumption of the product.

Because supply-chain functions are part of all business activities, skills acquired with this degree offer unlimited employment opportunities.

Career options for SCLT graduates include supply-chain management with domestic and international manufacturing operations, service companies, third-party logistics providers, transportation companies, distribution centers, and other government and private businesses. Graduates are employed as industrial and transportation sales representatives; logistical analysts and consultants; operations managers; purchasing representatives; inventory control specialists; marketing directors; customer service representatives; and warehouse and distribution center managers.

The Supply Chain and Logistics Technology degree consists of 120 semester hours of university undergraduate academic credit. In addition to meeting the 42 semester hours of university core curriculum, students must complete their major core requirements, technology and appropriate track.

All majors and minors in the Department of Information and Logistics Technology must earn a grade of C or better in all major/minor courses. No grade lower than C will be accepted on any courses applicable to the major transferred to the University of Houston.

University Core Curriculum

42 Semester Hours

For information on the University Core, please see the Academic Regulations section of this catalog.

Please note that some majors have specific requirements in the core curriculum. Refer to the specific degree plans in this catalog for those requirements.

Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Major Requirements

SCLT 2380. Distribution Channels
SCLT 3384. Logistics Technology and Processes
SCLT 3385. Transportation Economics and Policy
SCLT 3387. Procurement
SCLT 3389. Transportation Law
SCLT 4312. Inventory and Materials Handling
SCLT 4375. Global Supply Chain
SCLT 4380. Quality Systems
SCLT 4387. Financial Evaluation for Supply Chain Management
SCLT 4389. Practicum in Supply Chain and Logistics Technology
ACCT 2331. Accounting Principles I

Major GPA will be calculated based on the major requirements and the professional track.


Operations Track (18 SH Minimum)

SCLT 3381. Industrial/Consumer Sales
MECT 1364. Materials and Processes I
TELS 4341. Production and Service Operations
** Approved Electives (9 SH)

Systems Management Track (18 SH Minimum)

CIS 2332. Information Technology Hardware and Systems Software
CIS 2334. Information Systems Applications
CIS 3343. Information Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 3365. Database Management
** Approved Electives (6 SH)

Global Logistics Track (18 SH Minimum)

GEOG 2340. World Realms
SCLT 3375. Maritime Operations
SCLT 3376. Global Trade Intermediaries
** Approved Electives (9 SH)

Directed Emphasis Track (18 SH Minimum)

To be transferred from approved Community College programs.

**Electives to be chosen from College of Technology, Engineering, or Business (other choices must be preapproved).

Approved Electives

ELET 2307. Electrical-Electronics Circuits
DIGM 2350. Graphics for Digital Media
DIGM 3350. Digital Media Materials and Processes
DIGM 3351. Graphic Production Process Control I
HDCS 3369. Entrepreneurship
HDCS 4386. Communication Strategies for Merchandising and Industrial Distribution
TELS 3345. Human Resources in Technology
TELS 4371. Leading Change in the Workplace
TELS 4390. Current Issues in Technology Leadership and Supervision

College Requirements and University Core


(6 semester hours which includes university core)
ENGL 1303. First Year Writing I
ENGL 1304. First Year Writing II

Writing in the Disciplines

(3 semester hours which includes university core)
HDCS 1300. Human Ecosystems and Technological Change

History & Government

(12 semester hours which includes university core)

HIST 1377. The United States to 1877
HIST 1378. The United States Since 1877
POLS 1336. U.S. and Texas Constitutions and Politics
POLS 1337. U.S. Government: Congress, President, and Courts


(3 semester hours which includes university core - choose from approved list)

Visual & Performing Arts

(3 semester hours which includes university core - choose from approve list)

Social & Behavioral Sciences

(3 semester hours which includes university core)
ECON 2304. Microeconomic Principles

Natural Sciences

(6 semester hours which includes university core - choose from approved list)


(12 semester hours which includes university core and Bachelor of Science requirements)

MATH 1310: College Algebra
MATH 1313. Finite Mathematics
MATH 1314. Calculus for Business and the Life Sciences
TMTH 3360. Applied Technical Statistics

Technology Requirements

ECON 2305. Macro Economics
COMM 3356. Business and Professional Communication
DIGM 3353. Visual Communications Systems
ITEC 1301. Introduction to Computer Application Technology
SCLT 2362. Introduction to Logistics Technology
TELS 2360. Business Law
TELS 3340. Organizational Leadership and Supervision
HDCS 3300. Organizational Decision in Technology

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Science
Supply Chain and Logistics Technology

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