Courses: Physical Education Basic Instruction Program (PEB)College: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Any TCCN equivalents are indicated in square brackets [ ].

PEB 1101: Role of Exercise and Fitness on Health
Cr. 1. (0-3). Analysis of physical fitness and cardiovascular disease risk and the development of an individualized exercise program for health promotion.

PEB 1102: Indoor Cycling
Cr. 1. (0-3). Proper techniques of cycling to maintain or improve cardiovascular and neuromuscular health through instructor guided activities and assignments.

PEB 1103: Tai Chi
Cr. 1. (0-3). Instruction of nonaggressive martial art forms intended to enhance mental focus, muscular endurance, and strength in the lower extremities.

PEB 1105: Zumba
Cr. 1. (0-3). Hands on instruction for a Latin-inspired dance fitness program.

PEB 1106: Mano Yoga
Cr. 1. (0-3). Introduction to the philosophy and practice of Mano Yoga meditation and the significance of breathing and visualization.

PEB 1107: Hatha Yoga
Cr. 1. (0-3). Hands-on instruction of yoga postures, movements, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques with an introduction to its supporting philosophies.

PEB 1108: Ultimate Frisbee
Cr. 1. (0-3). Combination of the best features of soccer, basketball, and American football in one non-contact team sport. Rules and strategies of the game, participants may improve their overall fitness levels.

PEB 1109: Urban Movement Experience
Cr. 1. (0-3). Contemporary movement activities and theories under guided instruction.

PEB 1110: Combative Sports
Cr. 1. (0-1). Instruction and practice in a variety of fighting styles as well as assignments to foster an understanding of different fighting techniques.

PEB 1111: Pilates
Cr. 1. The system of mine-body exercises developed from the rehabilitation techniques of Joseph Pilates. May be repeated for credit.

PEB 1112: Hatha Yoga II
Cr. 1. (0-1). Prerequisites: PEB 1107 or permission of instructor. Instruction in variety of yoga poses and breathing techniques. Emphasis on anatomy and alignment. May be repeated for credit.

PEB 1113: Wii Performance
Cr. 1. (0-3). Instruction and practice of posture, center of balance, improvement of knowledge of health and fitness, and basic principles of proper nutrition utilizing Nintendo Wii.


PEB 1117 through 1121: Selected Aquatics
Cr. 1. (0-3). The teaching of beginning and advanced swimming techniques. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

PEB 1117: Life Saving

PEB 1119: Scuba

PEB 1120: Beginning Swimming

PEB 1121: Intermediate Swimming


PEB 1125 through 1143: Selected Lifetime Sports for the College Student
Cr. 1. (0-3). The concepts and skills involved in a variety of recreational and individual sports. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

PEB 1125: Beginning Badminton

PEB 1130: Golf

PEB 1133: Gymnastics

PEB 1135: Beginning Karate

PEB 1136: Racquetball

PEB 1137: Intermediate Karate

PEB 1138: Beginning Tennis

PEB 1139: Intermediate Tennis


PEB 1144 through 1149: Selected Team Sports
Cr. 1. (0-3). The teaching of skills and concepts of various team sports. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

PEB 1144: Basketball

PEB 1146: Soccer

PEB 1149: Beginning Volleyball


PEB 1151 through 1154: Selected Exercise Activities
Cr. 1. (0-3). Understanding and development of fitness through a variety of exercise activities. May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

PEB 1151: Weight Training

PEB 1152: Fitness and Weight Control

PEB 1153: Conditioning

PEB 1154: Rhythmic Aerobics


PEB 1251: Exercise for Health and Fitness
Cr. 2. (1-2). Analysis of the relationship between exercise and health; development of an acceptable level of physical fitness including these components: cardiorespiratory endurance, body composition, and musculoskeletal function. Concurrent lab enrollment required.

PEB 4198: Independent Study
Cr. 1 per semester. Prerequisite: approval of department chair.

PEB 4298: Independent Study
Cr. 2 per semester. Prerequisite: approval of department chair.

PEB 4398: Independent Study
Cr. 3 per semester. Prerequisite: approval of department chair.

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