Courses: Interdisciplinary Art (IART)College: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Any TCCN equivalents are indicated in square brackets [ ].

IART 3300: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Art
Cr. 3. (3-0). Prerequisites: junior standing and completion of Visual and Performing Arts Core, or consent of instructor. History, theory, and forms of interdisciplinary arts practices.

IART 3395: Selected Topics in Interdisciplinary Arts
Cr. 3. (0-3). Prerequisite: IART 3300, or consent of instructor. Readings and discussion of topics in interdisciplinary arts. May be repeated for credit with topics vary.

IART 4300: Collaboration Among the Arts
Cr. 3. (0-3). Prerequisite: IART 3395, or consent of instructor. Innovative collaborative projects that integrate visual art, creative writing, music, and theater.


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