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Graduate College of Social Work Staff
Name Title E-mail Phone
Barr Fitzpatrick, Melanie Program Director for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance 713-743-8018
Butler, Renia S.  Constituent Relations Events Specialist 713-743-8475
Cavallaro, Nick CE Program Coordinator 713-743-1997
Crews, Cindy Academic Advisor, MSW Program 713-743-6370
DeBerry, Amanda Multimedia Specialist 713-743-9826
De Los Rios, Elizabeth Academic Advisor, PhD Program 713-743-3246
Ellis, Krista Graphics Designer 1 713-743-0333
Gonzales, Shelley Assistant Director of Field 713-743-4061
Gowl, Brooke Research Liason Officer 713-743-4061
Griffin, Jacqueline Executive Secretary, Field Office 713-743-8088
Johnson, Anna College Recruitment Manager 713-743-0207
Leger, Jan Director of Academic Affairs 713-743-3249
Leo, Januari Director of Development 713-743-6353
Liberman, Ann Director of Alumni & Career Services 713-743-8071
Martinez, Lisa Research Administrator/ Contract Administrator 713-743-8138
Caxton-Martins, Trenadia Records Associate II 713-743-8075
Mollhagen, Amber Assistant Dean for Admission and Student Affairs 713-743-8082
Nguyen, David IT Support Manager 713-743-1782
Parker, Jamie Director of Field Education 713-743-9658
Rangel, Amber Program Coordinator for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance 713-743-8137
Rodriguez, Haydee User Services Specialist 1 713-743-1782
Rosen, Micol Academic Advisor, MSW Program 713-743-0376
Shah, Nivisha Field Coordinator 713-743-0701
Swank, Paul Research Consultant 713-743-6841
Warren, Connease Communications Director 713-743-1143
Williams, Yolanda Assistant Business Administrator 713-743-8100
Wingfield, Elizabeth Executive Administrative Assistant, Dean's Office


Wright, Marsha College Business Administrator 713-743-8133
Child Welfare Education Project Staff
Name Title E-mail Phone
Shippard, Vanessa CWEP - Field Supervisor 713-743-8157
Taylor, Patricia CWEP - Special Projects Coordinator 713-743-8081
Walker, Arnitia CWEP - Director 713-743-1394