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Acquati, Chiara
Chiara Acquati

Assistant Professor
Psychosocial oncology, stress and coping, dyadic coping, couple-based interventions
Full Profile » 713-743-4343
Ali, Samira
Samira Ali

Assistant Professor
HIV risk and prevention, structural determininants of health, family-based interventions, global social work, methods: mixed methods, community-based participatory research
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Amtsberg, Donna
Donna Amtsberg
Clinical Assistant Professor
Social policy, macro social work practice, political social work
Full Profile » 713-743-1491
Berger Cardoso, Jodi
Jodi Berger Cardoso

Assistant Professor
How cultural stressors, such as those associated with acculturation and minority status, contribute to a constellation of health disparities, including alcohol and drug use, risky sexual behaviors and mental health problems, in the Latino community
Full Profile » 713-743-1157
Boyd, Reiko
Reiko Boyd
Visiting Assistant Professor
Racial/ethnic disparities in children's service systems, structural inequality and opportunity in African American communities, infant/adolescent health and well-being
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Bromfield, Nicole
Nicole Bromfield
Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Human trafficking, global surrogacy
Full Profile » 713-743-4327
Brown, Aabha
Aabha Brown
Clinical Assistant Professor
Cultural competence, structural injustice and oppression, leadership & communication, administrative practice
Full Profile » 713-743-6255
Brown, Brené
Brene Brown
Huffington Brené Brown Endowed ChairChild and Family Center for Innovation Research
Authentic leadership and wholeheartedness in families, schools, and organizations
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Cheung, Monit
Monit Cheung

Professor of Social Work | Director, Child and Family Center for Innovation Research
Assessment and treatment in areas of child sexual abuse, elderly Chinese immigrants and their service needs, immigrant adjustment, child protective service training and evaluation, creative family therapy, and therapeutic touch
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Dearing, Ronda
Ronda Dearing

Visiting Research Professor
Shame and guilt, help-seeking behaviors, self-change, therapeutic alliance, hazardous alcohol use and alcohol use disorders, interventions for alcohol dependence, wholeheartedness, authenticity, vulnerability, courage, shame resilience, The Daring Way™ psychoeducational curriculum
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Dettlaff, Alan J.
Alan J. Dettlaff
Dean and Maconda Brown O’Connor Endowed Dean’s Chair
Child welfare, racial disparities, culturally responsive practice, immigrant children and families, social work educational policy
Full Profile » 713-743-7819
Gearing, Robin
Robin Gearing
Associate Professor
Adolescent mental health, serious mental illness, evidence-based practice (EBP), engagement and adherence to treatment and intervention, relapse prevention, mental health disparities, community-based services for youth, service delivery and utilization, RCTs
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Hou, Liwen
Visiting Scholar
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Williams Jennings, Sheara
Sheara Williams Jennings
Associate Professor | Ph.D. Program Director | Child and Family Center for Innovation Research
Children’s behavioral and mental health, the academic achievement gap, school-based interventions, cultural diversity training
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Leung, Patrick
Patrick Leung
Professor of Social WorkChild and Family Center for Innovation Research
Children and family, mental health, HIV and AIDS, refugee population, Asian study, and the elderly
Full Profile » 713-743-8111
Lucas, Virginia (Ginger) 
Ginger Lucas

Clinical Assistant Professor
Social work curriculum development, online course and program development, administration, planning and program coordination,
community education in issues related to Public Health including teen pregnancy, STD prevention, HIV awareness, domestic violence and sexual assault prevention
Full Profile » 713-743-8399
Miyawaki, Christina 
Christina Miyawaki
Assistant Professor
Health disparities among older adults of color, health and acculturation, immigrant caregivers of older adults, health promotion, and healthy aging
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Narendorf, Sarah 
Sarah Narendorf
Assistant Professor
Adolescent and young adult mental health, youth aging out of public systems of care, mental health treatment for youth in public systems of care, experience of psychotropic medication treatment, racial differences in mental health service use
Full Profile » 713-743-8672
Parker, Jamie 
Jamie Parker
Director of Field Education | Clinical Assistant Professor
Full Profile » 713-743-9658
Parrish, Danielle 
Danielle Parrish
Associate Professor
Evidence-based practice (EBP); substance abuse prevention; prevention of substance-exposed pregnancy; anxiety disorders; juvenile justice; integrated behavioral health; intervention research; applications of technology for prevention and intervention
Full Profile » 713-743-8105
Pritzker, Suzanne 
Suzanne Pritzker
Associate Professor
Youth civic engagement, service-learning, positive youth development, political social work, political advocacy and social welfare policy
Full Profile » 713-743-8114
Robbins, Susan P. 
Susan Robbins
Professor of Social Work 
Human behavior theory, cults, satanic ritual abuse, recovered memories, false allegations of child sexual abuse, substance use, misuse and abuse, Native American issues, mediation
Full Profile » 713-743-8103
Rubin, Allen 
Allen Rubin
Professor of Social Work | Jean Kantambu Latting College Professorship of Leadership and Social Change
Research methods, evidence-based practice, treatment of PTSD, program evaluation
Full Profile » 713-743-8287
Sampson, McClain 
McClain Sampson
Assistant Professor | Director, Center for Latina Maternal & Family Health Research
Motivational Interviewing in assessment and intervention, problem solving tools for reduction of perinatal depression, community based research, mixed methods research
Full Profile » 713-743-6719
Tang, Xiao Rong 

Visiting Scholar
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Torres, Isabel
Isabel Torres
Associate Professor 
Cancer health disparities, palliative and supportive care, geriatric health, international health, medical mistrust, informed decision making, HPV vaccine uptake and acceptance
Full Profile » 713-743-1753
Torres, Luis R. 
Luis Torres
Associate Dean of Research and Strategic Partnerships | Center for Drug and Social Policy Research 
Health disparities, specifically co-occurring mental health, substance use and medical disorders (including HIV/AIDS) in Hispanics; and family-strengthening efforts with a focus on Hispanic communities
Full Profile » 713-743-8512
Williams, Jody  
Jody Williams
Sam and Cele Keeper Endowed Professor in Peace and Social Justice 
Full Profile » 713-743-8792