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Successful students start strong, they find ways to stay strong, and they finish strong.

We know that our best students seek tutoring early while they are still doing well in courses rather than waiting until their grades are suffering.

UH is committed to empowering you toward a strong and successful semester through these free peer-tutoring class-support options. 

University of Houston Undergraduate Tutoring Directory 

See college- and program-specific out-of-class academic support options.


LAUNCH is the UH Learning Center, offering one-on-one academic coaching, success workshops, and in-person peer tutoring. Tutoring is offered as a drop-in, first come first served basis – there is no appointment necessary.

Tutoring hours are different for each semester and are subject to change.

LAUNCH also has P.A.S.S. Sessions (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) in which a tutor has prepared extra practice, reviews, or activities to help you succeed in the class. 

Knack Tutoring

University of Houston is partnering with Knack - the ultimate peer tutoring platform – to allow students in select classes to book remote tutoring sessions with verified UH peer tutors who have previously performed well in those exact courses.

In Spring 2024 undergraduate students in the following math and science courses are eligible for free tutoring through Knack.

BIOL 2321   Microbiology for Science Majors
CHEM 1305   Foundations of Chemistry
CHEM 1311   Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM 1312   Fundamentals of Chemistry 2
CHEM 2323   Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2325   Organic Chemistry II
CIS 2348 Information Systems Application Development *Added 3/4/24
COSC 1336   Computer Science and Programming
COSC 2306   Data Programming
COSC 2436   Programming and Data Structures
ELET 1400 Circuit Theory and Lab I *Added 3/4/24
MATH 1314   College Algebra
MATH 1324   Finite Math with Applications
MATH 1332   Contemporary Mathematics
MATH 1342   Elementary Statistical Methods
MATH 1351   Introduction to Geometric Reasoning
MATH 2312   Precalculus
MATH 2318   Linear Algebra
MATH 2413   Calculus I
MATH 2414   Calculus II
MATH 2415   Calculus III
MATH 3321   Engineering Mathematics

Knack tutoring will get started in the early weeks of the semester once tutors are hired, so pay attention to your email for an official opening message from Knack. The more great students who sign up to be a tutor, the more courses will have tutors available!


The Goal of the Mathematics Department’s Tutoring Center is to help students learn math. One-on-one tutoring is available for students who are enrolled in a University of Houston undergraduate math class. Tutoring done in a clear, patient, and understandable manner, with time to ask specific questions and even practice quiz-taking.

UH Writing Center

The Writing Center offers individual, face-to-face consultations in which trained writing consultants assist students with various types of writing. Students can also meet online with our trained consultants to discuss their writing in our interactive online writing space from the comfort of their home.