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Success Workshops

All workshops (except ADHD) are online in Fall 2023!

Registration for online workshops: Go to
to register.  Then, download MS Teams in Office 365 and enter code umt0dfa to join our workshop team (that is a zero in the middle).  At the time of the workshop go to our Teams site and click the “join” button. All workshops are 50 minutes.  Workshop registration will begin in mid August.

Problems registering? Contact

LAUNCH also offers individual academic coaching on learning strategies. Contact Laura Heidel at for more information or check the LAUNCH website:  


LAUNCH Fall 2023 Workshops - 
for all students




MS Teams, code umt0dfa


Strategies for a Great Semester, Heidel

Thurs., 8/24@1pm


The Key to Academic Success: Time Management, Create a Planner NOW, Hall

Thurs., 8/31@11am


Reading College Level Textbooks, Heidel

Tues., 9/5@2pm


You Don’t Want To Miss This Workshop: Notetaking, College Edition, Hall

Tues., 9/12@1pm


Test Prep Secrets, Heidel

Wed., 9/20@11am


Time Management: General Strategies, Heidel

Thurs., 9/21@2pm


The Science Behind Forming New Study Habits, Heidel

Thurs., 9/28@3pm


Improve Focus and concentration! Heidel

Mon., 10/2@1pm


Why Wait? Overcoming Procrastination, Heidel

Wed., 10/11@2pm


Sleep Learning: Improve Your Memory, Improve Your Grades, Hall

Thurs., 10/19@11am


No Fear Test Taking: Reducing Test Anxiety, Hall

Thurs., 10/26@1pm


Test Prep Secrets for End of Semester, Heidel

Mon., 10/30@11am


GRIT: Develop a Growth Mindset To Reach Your Goals, Hall

Thurs., 11/9@11am


Self-Care: You Gotta Nourish To Flourish, Hall

Wed., 11/15@1pm


Time Management Strategies for Finals To Ace Your Exams, Hall

Tues., 11/21@11am


ADD/ADHD Workshops- focus on time management and concentration- a new topic each week for 10 weeks. Get expert tips and peer support!
Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m., starting Tuesday 9/12
In-person: Room N109 Cougar Village 1
Contact Laura Heidel, Ph.D. for more information at

Time Management- Construct a “Strategic” Planner Workshop.
The #1 strategy is an organized planner.
Friday September 22 & 29 @ 11am
Virtual: On MS Teams
Contact Juanita Hall, M.Ed., for more information at


Success Tip:
Build in self-testing times into your weekly studying.  Self-testing involves recalling the material “cold”, with no learning aids.  If you can recall it this way, it forms a memory pathway in the brain that is resistant to fading.  So on a test you can recall the information more easily!

Have ideas for more weekly workshops?  Contact Laura Heidel at