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Laura Heidel, Ph.D.

Academic Coach

713-743-5439 | email Dr. Heidel

Best Part of My Job: When students apply the skills we discuss, and this makes a difference in their academic achievement and their self-confidence. | Interests: Reading non-fiction books, trying new restaurants, doing art projects. | Education: University of Illinois- Urbana, Ph.D. in Counseling; M.A. in Counseling Psychology; Carleton College, B.A. in Psychology.

I have worked at the University of Houston for 12 years as an Academic Coach. I hold ADD/ADHD workshops every fall and spring semester, coordinate our tutor training program, and supervise the other professional staff. College students are going through many changes- exploring their futures and deciding who they want to become.  I like being a part of that process and teaching skills that will be helpful not just as a student, but in the workplace as well.


Juanita Hall, M.Ed.

Academic Coach

713-743-9038 | email Ms. Hall

Best Part of My Job: I believe in the power of motivation and helping students achieve all that they can to elevate to a level they never thought was possible. | Interests: Movies, exercise, drawing, painting | Education: University of Houston, M.Ed in Administration & Supervision in Higher Education, B.A. in Psychology.

My background is in implementing student success strategies that include life-changing strategies, leadership, and success tips that really work. I love helping students construct a strategic semester planner so they can reach their academic goals. Therefore, I have partnered with the University of Houston Bookstore to distribute my academic success planner.



Mr. Kelsey Harris

Program Coordinator

713-743-5411 | email Mr. Harris