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Requesting an External Institution Rely on the UH IRB; No Standing Reliance Agreement in Place

If you wish to have another institution rely on the UH IRB for the review of a collaborative protocols and a reliance/reciprocity process is not already in place, please confer with the UH IRB office.  The UH IRB office will collect information from you and the external IRB office to determine whether reliance is appropriate and possible. If so, the UH IRB office will work with the external institution to secure a reliance agreement, and will guide you through the process (steps may vary from institution to institution).

Please begin by contacting the UH IRB Office to request that an external institution to rely on UH IRB.

The UH PI will need to obtain a Local Context Information form from the PI of each out of state institution wishing to rely on UH. This form must be attached to your ICON protocol submission.

Please follow these instructions for completing an IRB submission in ICON.